Friday, September 7, 2012

Y11: Singularity

Title: Singularity
Genre: YA sci-fi
Word Count: 60,000

Pitch: Jules, the last cyborg, must save her ship from an alien invasion, but her love for a human overpowers hard-wired programming. She must decide between dying to save her home or risking everything for love.

“One day the cyborgs will turn against us. A revolution we’ll never survive!” Mom had once told Meo.

Sometimes she was as crazy as she was strict, but that didn’t prevent Meo from sneaking into the northern part of the ship.

In the guise of taking a run, sweat beads trickled down his forehead and neck. He huffed as the run lengthened, pushing his limits so he had an excuse to venture to the farthest parts of Verona.

He took a right. The hallway was sparse with little wording to give an outsider any idea where they were, or which room was which. He’d never made it this far before and hoped to the stars no one caught him.

He slowed down, wiped his brow, and heaved a few times. Could this be it? Could the endless wall with hidden doors made of seamless silver be one of the restricted areas he longed to find?

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  1. SMACK! Otter Agent tags you in the leg with 1 well-placed body shot. Yep, that's going to leave a mark.