Friday, September 7, 2012

Y6: Children of the Gods

Genre: YA Steampunk/Mythology (Mythpunk) Romance
Word Count: 75,000

Amidst airships and automaton cities, Titans and Olympians live under strict segregation. Titan-born Lucas must make a brutal decision when he meets enticing Olympian Pandora: rebel and risk his life or submit and lose her.

I can say when I first saw her, my breath left me in a whoosh, but that was only because at the same moment, a meaty elbow drove into my gut. A series of curses in the old language flew out of my mouth while I stumbled to one side. A twinge ran up my left leg when I straightened to the laughing eyes of my best friend, Tiro.

"Gods, man, you can say hi like normal people." I punched him in the arm.

Tiro laughed. "Aw, Lucas, all in good fun. 'Sides, you were a little distracted. Spot something tasty?"

He slung a mammoth forearm around my neck, his attention on the dance floor below.

I skimmed the crowd, hoping to catch a glimpse of the girl with the multi-colored hair again, but she was lost in the mass of people. "Nah, just enjoying the view."

"And what a view it is."


  1. Hmm... I do believe I've already seen this particular entry lurking in a very treacherous land called MYQUERYINBOX.

    I could wait and find it there... but since I'm here:

    Splat (x5)!

  2. This sounds like an inventive genre-mashup. I wanna read the first 50 at least. 4 body shots.