We wanted to give agents a super easy way to gain exposure while also helping our readers in their journeys to publication. Agentopia is a monthly feature where agents share three simple, but very vital, bits of information: a short bio, their current wishlist and how to query them.

Come back on the 6th of every month for agent wishlists!

January 2017: A New Year For Agentopia!
February 2017: Mark Gottlieb
March 2017: Lauren Spieller and Catherine Cho
April 2017: Kate Testerman and Linda Camacho
May 2017:
June 2017:
July 2017
August 2017:
September 2017:
October 2017:
November 2017:
December 2017:

Previous Agentopians:

February 2015: Andy Ross
March 2015: Mary Cummings
April 2015: Yasmin Standen
May 2015: Rebecca Podos 
June 2015: Clare Wallace
July 2015: Caitlin McDonald
August 2015: --
September 2015: Rebecca Angus
October 2015: Jen Hunt
November 2015: --
December 2015: Lana Popovic

March 2012: Gemma Cooper
April 2012: Marisa A. Corvisiero 
May 2012: Pam van Hylckama Vlieg
June 2012: John M. Cusick
July 2012: Jennifer Azantian
August 2012: Bridget Smith
October 2012: Emily Gref
November 2012: Jordy Albert

January 2013: Marisa Cleveland
February 2013: Sara Megibow
March 2013: Pete Knapp
September 2013: Sarah Negovetich
October 2013: Natalie M. Lakosil

February 2014: Daniel Lazar
March 2014: Adriann Ranta
April 2014: Sandy Lu
May 2014: Laura Zats
June 2014: Cate Hart
July 2014: Brittany Booker
August 2014: Whitley Abell
September 2014: Sarah Negovetich
October 2014: Uwe Stender
November 2014: Renee Nyen
December 2014: A year in review

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