Friday, September 7, 2012

Y10: Undercover

Genre: Young Adult Thriller
Word count: 55,000

Sixteen-year-old P.I. agency intern, Jayna Kumar, pisses off the wrong people while investigating her best friend’s murder, a death the police have ruled a suicide. Will Jayna catch the killer before the killer catches her?

No one ever suspects the nerdy brown chick. That’s one of the top ten reasons I kick ass at this job: junior-investigator-in-training at ACE—Action, Confidentiality, Excellence—P.I. Agency.
I take a sip of my chai latte and look over the well-gelled heads and blown-dry locks of the business casual set crammed into Starbucks. It’s the middle of the week, but summer means casual Fridays don’t just happen on Fridays.

The PUS—party under surveillance—runs a finger along the collar of his pale blue button up. He’s a good-looking guy for someone who’s almost thirty. He glanced my way when I came in but hasn’t looked at me since. He doesn’t see me as a threat. What kind of threat has frizzy hair—I don’t blow dry let alone use the round brush when I head out on assignment—wears oversized glasses, baggy jeans and a T-shirt three sizes too big, and lugs around a five-ton calculus textbook in the middle of summer vacation?


  1. want want! HEAD SHOT! ::insert paintball gun sound:: - Victoria M

  2. Body shot! Query and first 150 pages, please.

  3. For a P.I. Intern you aren't very observant. Or perhaps... you wanted to get caught?

    *2 body shots!*

  4. Mine was 7 body shots. MEA CULPA for not saying that.