Friday, September 7, 2012

Y15: Sylvan Legacy

Title: Sylvan Legacy
Genre: Historical Romance with Paranormal Elements
Word Count: 76,000

In Regency era London, where the smallest faux pas can cause irreparable scandal, half-elven Katherine Sinclair has more to hide than anyone else; especially when drawing notice by the wrong people can get her killed.

The horse's hooves thunder across the hillside, and my heart pounds with each bunching of his muscles. My hair breaks free of its pins, pale strands sweeping across my cheek. Though the cold wind breaks through the thin barrier of the breeches and tall boots borrowed from my brother’s wardrobe, the wide smile never leaves my face. Mild discomfort is a small price to pay for a ride unhindered by the thick skirts of my riding habit.

I glance at Robert, who is keeping easy pace with me.

"Careful, dear sister," Robert calls out, the wind snatching at his words, "I'm gaining on you."
I laugh. "Serenity will refuse to jump this next bank, just as she always does."

I press my booted heels to Orion’s sides, and a little thrill jolts through me as he charges forward. His excitement bubbles over my skin, making it hard to distinguish from my own.


  1. Speaking of faux pas... this paint is really going to clash with your outfit.

    SEVEN body shots!

  2. Body shot! Query and first 50 pages, please.

  3. I'll all about these historicals with a twist. Five body shots.

  4. Mine was 4 body shots. Louise and Brittany, take it away!

  5. Wow. There are a lot of other paintball masters lurking about. Good thing I'm sneaky.

    *Climbs old ferris wheel for better visual*


  6. Um... highest I have after Capture the flag is 6 body shots!