Friday, September 7, 2012

Y7: An Uncommon Blue

Genre: YA Sci-fi w/ fantasy elements
Word Count: 94,000

In a world where one's identity can be changed with a handshake, the most popular Blue on the rugby team must forfeit his social status to avoid being recognized as a murderer.

There are three unspoken rules in high school rugby.

1. Your team members are family.

2. You support your family.

3. This support must be shown periodically with an affectionate slap on the backside.

After four years as the starting right winger, I had almost gotten used to this. Almost. At least I no longer felt the urge to bloody my teammate’s nose when they tried it.

But in the middle of the hall? No way. During school hours my glutes were off limits.

I whirled around to explain this to whichever of my idiotic team members was behind me, only to find myself face to face with an attractive redhead.

“Hey, Bruno,” Drea said with a smirk. “Ready for the test?”

I opened my mouth but no sound came out.

Even with her super-short hair, Drea was stunning. Before last summer she’d often been mistaken for a boy, but that all ended when puberty hit...with both fists.

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  1. And you're distracted by that puberty-blessed female...

    Pew! Pew!

    2 body shots!