Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sharing Is Caring...Or Not

I'm all for sharing crayons, markers, pencils, and other various objects people may need to use at some point or other. But when it comes to my writing, I'm very shy about it and don't tend to let other people it until it's "done", which, as many of us know, is never. I do have a critique partner and two or three friends who act as beta readers, but those are about the only people I let read my stories.

Most of my issue with sharing is that I don't want people to read something I'm not entirely happy with. If I don't think a certain scene is working, I won't move on until it's just right and when it is I feel so much better about it. That's when I let my critique partner and beta readers read a section. If I'm not happy, then I'm going to make darn sure I am an hour or two later, haha. It's exhausting to be a perfectionist sometimes.

The other part of my issue stems from the fact that I'm just shy about my writing. I know I'm not a great writer, as I'm still learning/growing, but I do think I'm a good writer. Despite this, though, I'm always worrying about what people will think of my style/voice, which I shouldn't do because not everyone is going to like the way I write/what I write. Being a book blogger has taught me that.

I do want to start opening up, though, because I know I'm missing out on some great feedback by holding my writing away from others. I'll at least start letting my family read my stuff. They haven't even read Hunted yet! That's how lame I am, haha.

Does anyone else have issues with sharing or is it just me?


  1. I am with you on the perfectionistic stuff... To the point that I've been writing all my life but never finished ANYTHING even though that's what I want most. I'm just constantly overanalyzing everything to the point that nothing gets written.It's encouraging to hear about you working through that as well.

    That said, so far the only people that are allowed to read my current story are my sister, my best friend from middle school (who is like a sister), and my grammar-nerd friend. :P

  2. Oh, yeah. I can say I'm the same. My parents have been waiting for months to read something of mine, and I keep delaying saying 'Not until I've edited it'. I haven't even started the editing :L

  3. I've had some friends read my novel I'm currently editing...and the versions I sent them are about 30k longer and DRASTICALLY different. So...yeah...I should probably have refused to show them till I was ready. or readIER anyway.

  4. It's not just you. My heart pounds in my forehead every time I share. Darn fear of rejection. I'm getting better, though. :)

    Marie at the Cheetah

  5. I'm always reluctant to share. Even if I like what I'm writing, I think "No one else will ever like this. They'll laugh me off the internet!"

    Silly, right? I just have to remind myself that it isn't the end of the world if they don't like it and they may just be right that it needs more work. Then I cry, then I get back to editing.

  6. I was the same way about my first book. I didn't even tell my husband I was writing a book until I was two weeks into it! And then I only told one of my friends. I was really embarrassed to talk about it, and very protective of it until second draft time. And then I posted it on inkpop for all the world to see, haha! So I'm over it now, but I think it's normal not to share until you're confident it's "good enough". :)

  7. I won't let my husband read anything I write. He's such a perfectionist that he doesn't understand it's a draft. I have a regular Alpha and Beta who give me feedback.

    Like Wendy, Leigh and Kelley V, I posted on Inkpop where anyone could read an excerpt of my novels, and I got fantastic feedback. I think that gave me faith in myself and help me push harder.

  8. After I finished my first manuscript, I was freaked out about giving it to someone to read it. It was my "baby" and someone was going to judge it on me? All the questions about what if they dont like it, don't like my characters, etc. Its really unnerving.

  9. I couldn't tell you if it is a normal reaction or not, but it certainly has been a common one. The people I have spoken to about their writing are very shy about it; myself included. I think you are your toughest critic.