Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt with critique prizes!

We're celebrating Easter with an Easter Egg Hunt! It starts today and runs until Monday April 25.

Hidden on a page of DJ's Life in Fiction, Leigh's blog, Beyond Words, Wendy Higgins Writes, Down Under Wonderings, Sarah's website, Kelley's blog and Flowers for a Ghost, are Easter eggs --->

Search through the blogs and websites looking for these little critters. Make sure you take note of the page you've found the egg on. Then fill out the form below with the details. Each egg found equals an entry so the more eggs you find, the more chances you have of winning. You must be a follower of YAtopia to enter.

So what are you hunting for? The winner will receive a critique on the first two chapters of their novel and a query critique.

Three runners up will receive query critiques from one of our members.

So get your virtual baskets ready and get hunting! Hop to it!


  1. Very clever contest! Also, glad to click through to some great blogs that I haven't been to before.

  2. I have a different egg on my page... I better go change it so nobody gets confused. Sorry! :)

  3. This is such a fun contest! What a great idea!

  4. What a cute contest idea! You guys are so fun.
    Question: I'm not yet in the querying stage, so I don't have any sort of query prepared. Is it okay to still enter in hopes of getting chapters critiqued?

  5. I'm loving this Easter Egg Hunt idea. I'm still trying to find the last egg. Either Chanelle hid it so well on her blog or I'm blind to it :P

  6. Thanks for running such a fun contest. But out of curiosity and definite self-interest, when will you be announcing or notifying the winners?