Monday, April 18, 2011

In the ZONE

I'm really close to finishing the first draft of my WIP. Like so close I can taste it. It's dangling right out of reach, the tips of my fingers brushing against it and there's nothing I want more than to grab on tight and not let go. Right now I eat, sleep, drink and breathe my books. It's all I think about. In fact, I had a pretty sleepless night because I kept running scenes through my head.

And it's Always. Like. This.

Not 24/7, mind you, but with every book I write, when I get so close to the end, I am so in the zone that I don't want to do anything else but work on my book. No matter what book I've written, the end is always my time. I'm not saying the ends aren't usually the part of the book where I do more editing because, yeah--they are. My fingers get going too fast, my mind speeds up and makes for some funny sentences when I'm doing my re-read, but I can't help it. The end is my time. Everything myself and my characters have worked SO hard for is just waiting for us to grasp it. It's a pretty cool feeling.

If you're a writer, is there a specific part of your books where you're always, "in the zone?"

If you don't write, apply it anything else in your life. Not so good at homework, but totally find your stride during tests? Get all your work done early in your shift so your afternoons you don't have to go so crazy?


  1. Yay for the zone, lol! :) The middle/body of the story is my zone, which unfortunately means I'm in that manic state for the majority of the story. Whew. I will procrastinate about the ending, and have to force myself to sit down and write at that point.
    I'm so excited for you to finish this one, Kel!

  2. Not specific parts as in beginning/middle/end... But sometimes I'll hit a certain scene or particular character interactions and I'll just fly through them. If I go for a few days without writing because I don't have time, but I have ideas, it builds and builds and all I want is to sit down and get words out because the scenes are playing over and over in my head!

    KEEP IT UP!! You'll be done before I am. ;)

  3. When I first start. And then at about 30,000 words, when I have the last bits sorted out.
    And yeah, when I know I"m close - nothing else matters until I get that first draft done.

  4. Wendy, do you think you have to sit down and make yourself finish the end because in some ways, you're sad to see it end? That you're sad to leave the characters and their story?

  5. Kelley,
    I get like that with specific scenes too!

  6. Jolene,
    You are like super, mega, speedy writer. I feel like you're always in the zone. I'm jealous ;)

  7. The middle when all the twists come together and the fun really kicks off!

    And yes, now I am deep in the editing process, I've discovered I frequently skip half a sentence in my haste!

  8. Hey Kelley,
    Great post! I'm about a third through my first draft of the sequel to Winter's Shadow and I can honestly say I'm jealous of your ability to stay in the zone for days on end. No matter how hard I try I can't seem to sustain it for more than half an hour at a time. That half an hour usually comes just before midnight when the house is finally quiet and the world falls away. Unfortunately I'm so tired by then I can't take advantage of it.