Friday, April 1, 2011

Query Critic Winner and news on Jeyn Roberts

Drum roll please..... Morgan is the lucky winner of our query critic competition with amazing debut author Jeyn Roberts!

Speaking of Jeyn, she has made Bolonga literary news. Read more about it here.

Congrats Morgan and thanks Jeyn for letting yourself be roped into helping a fellow author.


  1. Congratulations Morgan!!! Have fun getting that query together, hehe.
    And good job with the Bologna News, Jeyn. :) Thanks for doing this contest with us.

  2. Yes! I'm stoked! I think Jeyn is absolutely brilliant and I look forward to her query feedback more than my next chocolate fix! Woot! Thanks so much!!!!

    Wendy, ha! Thanks for the 'he he' <---mocking me! JK LOL!!!!!

  3. Congrats to Morgan, and to Jeyn! Thanks for sharing the news...

  4. Congrats Morgan! I'm sure Jeyn will have fun reading SW!
    And congrats Jeyn on Baggers!