Thursday, February 17, 2011

When Love is Too Easy (& winners!)

Disclaimer: The opinions I'm about to give relate ONLY to literary love and not the real kind that you may or may not be going through...

I had to put the above out there because, like most people, I think love is a great thing. I think that having someone, a partner, who is not only your best friend but your soul mate is something you don't get to experience very often and when you do, it's priceless. I believe that when you have it, the real kind at least, you should hold onto it with both hands and never let it go.

But...I think that kind of love is very boring to read about. Now, before you think 'what the hell is this girl talking about', let me explain.

Hypothetically, I'm reading about Sam and Laura. They meet. It's a very straight forward introduction to one another. Maybe they meet at school. He's new and she falls madly in love at first sight. They begin to talk and wow! Sam admits he likes her too. Dating ensues, a little bit of hesitant kissing and they become boyfriend and girlfriend. And then NOTHING ELSE HAPPENS.

Maybe the plot isn't centred around Sam and Laura and so it's like nothing needs to be dramatic between the two of them. Maybe they are just THAT perfect. No arguments, no difference in vocal opinions. Laura might narrate that Sam was being a little harsh, but to his face she's supportive. Maybe Laura is actually a vampire slayer who kicks butt and the plot focuses around her saving the world. Not around her relationship with Sam.

But I still find that boring. If a relationship is too sweet and too perfect - I get bored FAST. I stop rooting for the couple. I lost interest and I begin to roll my eyes at some of the things they say and do. I lose focus on the actual plot and start to pick holes in the two perfect relationship, longing for some substance, some kind of issue that may make the couple have to step away and think only to realise they can work through it. Call me odd, but I like an argument every now and again! Making up is the best part of breaking up after all.

So as much as I love a good romance, I will not enjoy a book if the romance isn't developed realistically. Who here can ever say they've never had an argument with a partner? Or entered rocky grounds where they panic for maybe a day that this isn't their soul mate because he left the toilet seat up? Easy love does not lead to good entertainment for me.

Onto you guys. Who agrees? Who doesn't agree? Who likes to read about easy, sweet love because it's nice to read about it when they're not experiencing it themselves? Or who likes problems so our literary couples can overcome it?


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  1. I agree that romance in books need drama. There needs to be some conflict so you root for them and hope everything works out for them in the end.

  2. Thanks so much for AngelFire! I definitely agree I think couples/pairings need drama otherwise I do get a bit bored, but at the same time to much drama makes me irritated. There needs to be a reason behind it though, I hate when its just there to put a wedge between the characters and doesn't serve any kind of purpose.

  3. The greatest part of romance plot lines are the whole 'will they, won't they?' type things. Easy love is not fun. The best books make you throw them against the wall because they just won't sort it out! Haha. Great post :)