Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

In the spirit of Valentine's Day (and I get the joy of updating on the actual holiday, too!), I'm keeping with the YAtopia ~love~ theme!

I'll admit, I've never been a huge fan of the obsessive can't-EXIST-without-you kind of pairings, be them in books, games, movies, anime, whatever. The co-dependency, such as that seen in Twilight (don't hurt me!) and the way Bella completely shuts down without Edward around really doesn't do it for me.

Me? I like the couples who aren't afraid to oppose each other. The ones who don't necessarily love everything about one another. In fact, there are things that drive them absolutely nuts. It's the girl who comes home and chucks her diary against the wall because her one-true-love isn't perfect.

Howl and Sophie are one of my all-time favorite book couples for this exact reason.

(Nevermind that Howl is also one of my literary crushes...)

Sophie can be pushy and naggy, while Howl is... well, in Sophie's own words:

"You talk, mighty mistress of magics," he quavered. "Tell me of this Wizard Howl of yours."

Sophie's teeth chattered, but she said proudly, "He's the best wizard in Ingary or anywhere else. If he'd only had time, he would have defeated that djinn. And he's sly and selfish and vain as a peacock and cowardly, and you can't pin him down to anything."

"Indeed?" asked Abdullah. "Strange that you should speak so proudly such a list of vices, most loving of ladies."

"What do you mean, vices?" Sophie asked angrily. "I was just describing Howl."

There's even a line where Howl comments about how Sophie isn't at all pretty. (She's incredibly plain.) But they compliment each other so well, and there's no one either of them loves more than each other.

On top of that... I'll admit, I'm a sucker for trios. Whether it's a strong friendship bond or a romantic one, I fall all over it. Sadly, I haven't read many books yet where this is done, since the recent YA trend tends to be an MC with two potential opposing love interests (but it's common in the anime and video game world). Which sort of drives me nuts. Not because I think having two love interests is bad, but because of the MC's who are too wishy-washy to make up their mind and lead both interests on – and the interests put up with it.

The above also ties into my last romantic love: the best friend bond. The two who have been friends for ages, who may or may not end up together, but most of the time I'm rooting for it to happen.

What about you, darling readers? What kind of relationships do you find yourself rooting for the most in your favorite books?


  1. Well, the forbidden love approach is always a favorite, along with the childhood sweethearts angle, but I love the longing for love from a distance thing ... There's something highly attractive about a guy who watches the girl he loves from a distance & vice versa-add a little inner torment and you're there!

  2. I Like forbidden love too. But then, I'm a romantic and like any kind of love as long as its well done.

  3. I LOVE Howl's Moving Castle, I SO totally fell for Howl! LOL.

  4. Morgan, forbidden love is definitely awesome! I love the bittersweet kind of love stories, the ones where - even if they end up together - something was lost in order to get there. So awesome.

    Kelley, LOL, i know you are. ;) Any kind of relationship can work in writing as long as, like you said, it's well done. Relationships are an easy thing to portray poorly in books.

    Kristia, ISN'T HE GORGEOUS/AMAZING/PERFECT in all the wrong ways?! I adore him so much!

  5. Now I'm going to have to check out Howl's Moving Castle! Man, this blog is making my to-read list grow too much, lol. :)
    I'm with you, Kelley York, about bittersweet love where they have to go through some sort of trial and tribulation before they end up together. I want for it to be a little hard, and I want the love to be stronger because of it.

  6. Wendy, you should totally check it out! It's more MG than YA in terms of writing, I think, but it's such an adorable story. An anime movie was made out of it. Doesn't follow the book too closely, but it's still gorgeous to watch.