Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Tuesday Twaddle - The Anti Valentine's Day

Firstly, I have a confession to make. I totally forgot it was my turn to post today. Oopsie! AND the YAtopia gang has been doing the whole homage to love and romance, and after a somewhat crappy Valentine’s Day, I’m not really feeling the love. So, I’m breaking ranks with my fellow bloggers (sorry guys) and I’m going turn viciously on the day that is all pink and fluffy.
I’ve always hated St Valentine’s Day. From the moment I hit puberty, I was painfully aware that I was not one of lovelies who was going to be inundated with balloons, cards, messages of undying love, and heart shaped chockies. There were always the groups of squealing girls in school showing off their Valentine's swag and trying to guess what hottie from the boy's school next to us fancied the pants of them.
So I ignored all things teen romance and scorned anything that came close to resembling pink and heart shaped. Let’s be honest, most of those girls probably sent that swag to themselves. I kind of guessed it at the time, and I’m fairly sure of it now. Fourteen year old boys have better things to spend their cash on.

And if there’s one thing we learn from all these gorgeously romantic books that we read (and write), it is that life isn’t supposed to be roses and chocolates. All the best romantic couples from both film and literature had to suffer for their love. Indeed, in most movies the pink and fluffy couples are usually first to bite the big one. It’s the hopelessly mismatched, seemingly doomed relationships that capture our hearts.
They say romance is dead… well I say, yeah they’re so right! In fact, in a lot of the most amazingly romantic stories it helps to be dead. Let’s face it, zombies, vampires, and ghosts make for the best boyfriends/girlfriends, and I believe them to be a product of the imagination of the thirteen year old in all of us, who secretly watched the pink orgy that is Valentine’s Day and quietly seethed.


  1. Even as a romantic girl, I never liked V-Day and I still don't. There's too much build-up and too much disappointment (well, at least in MY experience). It's a good opportunity post-Christmas to support the economy and all, but true romance can't be manufactured. It's in the little, daily things.

  2. As an awkward teen, I still managed to get oodles of chocolate and sappy cards. Thanks, Mom, you're the best.

  3. Haha! This post was so refreshing ... Mirrors my mood today. I love it. I too am not into the goo and gush. Growing up, I wasn't the girl who had her wedding planned out to the last detail--I was all about goals goals goals ... It's a wonder I'm married w/ kids, especially since my friends who did have their weddings planned since the third grade aren't there yet. Go figure.

    But Wendy's right, it is in the little day to day things ... Although maybe my goo and gush comes when I read a good romance *thinks of Kathleen Woodiwiss*

  4. I agree that V-day is blown up. It IS nice to receive something on a special day and to have an excuse to hang out when you have someone, but, in the end, V-day has been commercialized so that stores can make money. I was blogging about the history of V-day at the Ancient Moons blog yesterday. Here are some fun facts from the post:

    Ms. Esther Howland is given credit for sending the first valentine cards in the U.S.
    Commercial valentines were introduced in 1800's.

  5. Another interesting fact... Did you know hundreds of years before the Church altered the day of love in an attempt to rid it of its pagan roots, Romans practiced a pagan celebration in mid-February commemorating young men's rite of passage to the god Lupercus. The young men would draw names of teenage girls from a box and whom...ever the boy chose would be his companion for the remainder of the year. NICE. Wonder if the girls had a say?

  6. That's... interesting. Considering the fact that women didn't have many rights in those days, they probably didn't have a say. I wonder if there were boys who didn't like their companions. There must have been some awkward couples.

  7. Ew! Imagine being stuck with a nose picker or someone who had an unfortunate case of foot fungus! NICE.

  8. LOL-That is SO how Valentines day really is with the exception of the one or two total saddo guys... I dont think Ive ever heard of a young school going lad who did something nice who didnt turn out to be a complete stalker!

    Nicely written!

  9. @Leigh: That would be horrible D:
    Yep, I love freedom of choice. I couldn't imagine a world without creativity, especially since I love to read, write, and I like photography.