Monday, July 11, 2011

What are YOU looking for?

There are millions of blogs out there. So many that it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. I think the goal for all those who blog is to have people actually READ the blog... because, well... that's the whole point in it, right? It's not fun to sit around and talk to yourself.

Having followers is awesome. It's fun to look at the sidebar and wonder if that many people are taking the time to read what you write. I follow a ton of blogs myself and I read a lot too. Sadly, I don't comment as much as I read. I don't know why I don't. It's something I need to make myself do more often. I know how cool it feels when people have something to say about my posts so I can only assume it's the same for others.

I love to talk. I love to give my opinion and enjoy hearing how others my differ or be the same. So that's a goal of mine. To TALK to more people on their blogs. Let them know how their words affected me.

What I'm curious about is what YOU'RE looking for in a blog? What makes you continue to come BACK to a blog once you start following them? What do you wish people would to that might make you come back? I'm also curious what gets you talking? How often you comment and if you ever return to see if anyone replied to something you said?

Also, two CONTESTS you don't want to miss out on. The first, just scroll down the page a post or two and you're going to see an awesome opportunity to pitch to an agent! Come on. Scroll. You know you want to :)

Second, I'm having a contest on my blog HERE. It's super easy to enter and you get the chance to win a book of YOUR choice.


  1. Most people I've met online are a total hoot, and their blogs are always fun to read, whether they're posting about something totally irrelevant or tossing out writing advice. I have yet to see a 'boring' blog, so... kudos, internetz, I guess? :P

    I've been trying to comment more often, because it's nice to have a sounding board for ideas, and the least I can do is respond to a post someone worked hard on. =] I usually return to check out the commenting aftermath. (this happens largely during times when I'm procrastinating like a boss.)

    Something I struggle with is "meeting" new bloggers. I always feel... er, sort of creepy commenting on people's posts when I don't know them. Which is silly, because lurking (which I do all the time) is probably, um, creepier. XD

    *goes to lurk some more*

  2. When I stalk a blog, I look for something that will entertain, catch, or teach me. I am super hungry right now for writing and publishing tips. Experiences.

    And Give Aways. Those sure catch me.
    Though I seem to have no luck in winning them!

    As for commenting... I try to comment as often as I can. If the post made any sort of impact on me, I at least leave a quick "I love you!" type comment. Then I stalk it forever to see if anyone replied to me. :)

  3. I look for advice, interesting discussions and shared passions. Plus it's a good way to keep track of currently unpublished people who will one day have AMAZING stories on the shelves of my local bookshop. If I can really engage with someone's blog, I'll be sure to follow it.

  4. I follow a ton as well, and I def read more than I comment. I wish I had more time to comment on every blog I read and enjoy, but the baby doesn't like me reading at all! ;)

    I tend to skip past the ones that talk about the "rules" of publishing, because, um, I fail at following rules and it's all the same thing you read on countless other blogs, you know?

    I love something that'll make me laugh out loud, or something inspiring. I love splashes of real life, too. Makes the writer of the blog much more relatable when they are willing to share something that is going on with them other than just "writer stuff". :)

  5. I love blogs that are fun and informative and where the blogger has a real personality that I can get to know. I try to comment as much as I can, but sometimes other commenters have already said what I was going to say and it seems redundant. Also, if the comments veer wildly from my perspective, I may not put my two cents in for fear of retribution...

  6. If I'm in the mood to blog hop around, I probably comment on half.
    What makes me come back?
    I don't know. I think it has more to do with people being their honest selves on their blog, those are the people I go back to, and that I enjoy.
    And I never go back to see if the blog author had added something to what I said, or if people commented on my comment. Never.

  7. Jolene, that's so funny to hear that you never go back to see if anyone comments on your comment, because I always go back! lol. For me, the comments are the conversation, and I love when people respond to one another. I actually think it's kind of rude when blog authors don't bother to EVER respond to comments. But...I guess you're not going to come back and read this, are you? Come baaaaack!!!

  8. I've been trying to comment more lately. Like you said, it's nice to see that number of followers grow, but to me it's even nicer to know people are actually reading what I'm putting out there. I'm also trying to be better about responding to comments left on my blog. One step at a time, right?

    I look for honesty, great reviews that spark conversation (much like this post) and reviews that aren't just on ARCs. Yes, I love to get ARCs and to review them, but I sometimes it's nice to post a review for a book that people can actually get. Especially since a lot of my loyal followers aren't a part of the book blogging world.

    Whew... that was a bit more than I planned on writing. Great post!!

  9. Riley,
    LOL. I've felt like a creeper before too. Now worries. Thanks for your input!

    Writing tips are good draw! I'm the same way.

  10. Miss Cole,
    LOVE it! I agree with all the amazing books that will one day be on shelves.

    I totally agree on splashes of life. I love visiting blogs where I feel like I'm really getting to know the person. Speaking of... Jolene and I will have something special like that coming soon.

  11. Kate,
    I'm the same way. I don't always leave a comment if my opinion is too different.

    Glad you came back to mine a year ago! LOL.

  12. Wendy,
    ROFL. I've noticed lately people are replying to comments in an email to the commentor. Which is nice for the people who don't go back, but I also like replying in comments because it can then strike up more conversation.

  13. Lauren,
    Thanks for the reply! Write as much as you want!!

  14. Ha, we blogged about the same topic today. People seem to want more about us and our writing, which is odd since we don't always find ourselves that interesting. ;)

    And we don't usually respond to comments in comments either (emails instead when possible). So sometimes it's frustrating that we only have 5-10 comments, but easier to understand when we know none of them are us, yet we still had conversation with our followers.

  15. I think it has to do with the blogger's voice. I love informative blogs delivered with a dry, witty humor. But random hilarity works too.

    I guess it's a toss between wanting to learn something and be entertained.

  16. I really like authenticity or learning something, and if someone can teach me something and feel "real," like someone I know I would like outside of the internet, then I'm sure to be a follower.

  17. I love to learn things from blogs or just be entertained. Hm...I often come back to blogs if I find that they give out interesting posts or they just usually have something really cool to say. I don't ever look back on my comments to see if anyone has replied. I really should start doing that more often, but it really hasn't ever crossed my mind. But great post by the way! :D

  18. Looks like a lot of people are looking for some of the same things *jots notes down* Thanks!

  19. WENDY HERE I AM!!!!!!!!

    I ALWAYS respond to comments, I just generally do it on email NOT on the comments.

    And I know I'm missing out on some of the good debate, and the back and forth that happens. And it's sad, but it cuts into my writing time, and I guess I'm just snobby like that ;D