Tuesday, July 26, 2011

COFA Winner and Your Favorite Websites

Two weeks ago, I hosted a giveaway here and we have a winner! All you had to do to win the prize was leave a comment telling me what your single favorite reading/writing/book-related website/blog/forum/twitter is and I wanted to share what y'all told me with everyone. I didn't allow anyone to say YAtopia was their favorite because I wanted to give all the other websites a chance! ;-)

We had 33 entries but two of y'all couldn't bear to pick between your two favorites and one didn't mention a favorite at all. (Don't worry, you were still entered into the giveaway because I'm a softy deep down but I'm just mentioning it because it makes statistics hard!) And for the two who chose two sites, I just picked the first one you wrote!

So, of the 32 favorites, 15 of y'all said ...

If you ask me, that's pretty awesome. Because that means so many of you are reading a lot and I truly believe that the most important thing a writer can do is read. Also? That means I'll have that many more Goodreads friends, right? Add me!

We had four people mention an author's site as their favorite. With four different sites. They are:
I was surprised to see only two agent blogs on the list, but I do agree with both choices whole-heartedly:
Four people mentioned a total of three websites with the aim of helping writers in one way or another:
Two group author blogs made the list:
The YA book fansite Mundie Moms received a mention, as did the Harry Potter Secrets Twitter account. Also, my favorite chain bookstore's website was mentioned by a girl who loves to shop: Barnes and Noble. Another commenter mentioned EARphoria, a site that reviews audio books and last, but certainly not least, we have A Round of Words in 80 Days, which seems to be a less insane version of NaNoWriMo.

Of all the sites mentioned, I hadn't heard of seven of them so I've certainly found some new sites to check out and I hope you all have too!

Now, what everyone has been waiting for... the winner of the signed City of Fallen Angels Giveaway!! I used Random.org to pick the winner who just so happens to be....

Georgia Summers!

I will email the winner but I also want to publicly apologize because there may be a slight delay in her receiving the book because I had a major misadventure this past weekend and, in the mad rush, I forgot to pick up the book from my storage unit so I'll have to get a friend to go get it and send it!

Also, Chanelle has extended the pitch contest on her blog with agent Victoria Marini until Friday, so go check it out!