Monday, March 21, 2016

Romantic Times Las Vegas: Pitch Wars Road Show

I'm Vegas bound baby! And I'll be part of the Pitch Wars Road Show. Pitch Wars host, Brenda Drake, has a great post that covers off on what exactly the road show is. 

But who is Pitch Wars Road Show for:

  • Anyone who is participating in Pitch-A-Palooza: This is part of the Romantic Times Conference where writers can pitch to editors and agents. Get in before your session and tweak your pitch. 
  • Anyone who is planning to submit to Pitch Wars: Pitch Wars is only just around the corner. Get in early and pick the brains of the mentors. 
  • Anyone who likes participating in Pitch Contests: Get your 35 word pitch polished. 
  • Anyone who likes participating in Twitter pitches: Get your 140 character pitch ready. 
  • Anyone who is currently querying: If you are currently querying agents/submitting to editors then you can bring along story-related part of your query (your query minus your bio, etc). 
  • Anyone who is planning to query soon: Maybe you're waiting on feedback from readers before you query? Or working out who you want to query? If a query is around the corner for your then this could be for you.
  • Anyone who is writing a story that they want to query at some point: I have heard some writers find it useful to have their query written before they write their story as it helps them with the writing process. 
Basically, if you're a writer, and you're in Vegas for Romantic Times, you should come and check out the Pitch Wars Road Show. And if you haven't booked in, what are you waiting for! It's going to be a fun week where you get to meet authors and industry professionals, score cool swag, buy books and participate in some great events. 

See you there!

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