Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thank You

This is a huge ball of thank you.

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Thank you for a great 2014!

Thank you to faithful readers of this blog. And to new readers. I can't say we couldn't do this without you because, let's face it, we'd do it anyway because of our love for books and writing. But it sure makes our day when you interact with us. If we're talking ice cream sundaes, you're the fudge and sprinkles and whipped cream and cherry and roasted peanuts.

Thank you to the authors who never gave up. To the authors who dared put yourselves out there, vulnerable to the whims of agents, publishers, and readers. Your perseverance and hard work has brought us great joy. Unless we threw your book across the room, but we like having that kind of reaction too, so it's all good.

To the writers who are still striving and who don't give up, thanks to you too. You'll bring us joy in the future.

Thank you to every guest we've had on this blog. Your willingness to share you experience and expertise is gold. We appreciate every one of you.

Thank you to librarians everywhere. Thank you for reading. For suggesting books to us and putting on events. For working in such a magical place. For all the little behind-the-scenes things you do that we don't know about. You rock.

Thanks to everyone involved in any way in the publishing world. You do so much work so we can slip into solace. Bravo.

Thank you to the people in public or in our homes or friendships who don't know we writers watch you for inspiration. Thanks for being interesting and not being too creeped out right now.

Finally, thank you to readers everywhere. Readers of books. Readers who write stuff so other people can read more stuff. A world full of books is a world full of ideas and dreams and understanding. That world isn't possible without all of you. You hold the most power. If the world stopped reading, the publishers would stop publishing, and writers would...well, we'd still write,'s just so much better with you, I swear. Thanks to readers who buy books, write reviews, interact with authors, go to readings and book signings, and suggest books to your friends. Every little action you take makes a difference. You're all amazing!

May you all rock 2015 so much harder than any year before. (It'll be hard to top your previous awesomeness, I know, but I believe in you.)
Happy New Year! Cheers,

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