Thursday, December 18, 2014

Editopia: Jet Black Publishing

Today, we welcome Kim Mungcal, editor at Jet Black Publishing; a brand new and refreshing children's and YA publisher based in Australia. Jet Black's bookstore is now open with their first books available for purchase. Take a look here

Hi Kim. Thanks so much for joining us and allowing us to interview you.

First up, tell us about Jet Black Publishing. 

Jet Black Publishing is a publishing house dedicated to delivering inspirational and inventive stories to children and young adults. We are driven to create stories that will give children a sense of purpose, a moral lesson and overall enjoyment. We wish to inspire a thirst for adventure and to help unlock children's potential through their imaginations. 'Family' and 'community' are integral to our creative processes and underpin the products we deliver. We strongly believe that children are shaped by their communities. Together we can help guide children down paths less taken and on journeys of discovery to a greater future.

What sets Jet Black apart from other children’s publishers around the world?

Jet Black stories are written by parents, guardians, grandparents, aunts, uncles, older brothers and sisters, teachers, librarians, babysitters and kids. These are people who read to children either as a bed time story, daycare story time, classroom activity or library event. They understand what makes stories engaging.
Jet Black Authors and Illustrators aren't in it for the money. They're in it for the love of storytelling and understand the importance of teaching children helpful ways to live extraordinary lives.
We're not a big corporation. We work with Authors and Illustrators to create their vision. 60% of each book sold goes to the Author/Illustrator.
We will donate 20% of each book sold to the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation.

Are you open to submissions for middle grade and young adult novels? If so, what exactly are you looking for? Or maybe, what are you definitely not looking for? 

Yes, we cater for middle grade and YA authors. There are a couple of middle grade novels in the works. However, there are no YA stories in production currently. We'd be interested in similar values as our children's books; in that it inspires imagination and a sense of adventure. We would definitely not take on submissions that encourage hate and discrimination. Our goal is to focus on positive outcomes and learning experiences.

Amongst the submissions you’ve received to date, are you seeing any trends? 

There is definitely a trend in Tooth Fairies! Otherwise, most submissions have been very quirky but fun.

Which genre is your personal favourite?

Personally I find the stories that take you out of this 'world' particularly entertaining as it opens up new and unexplored worlds. Jumping into paintings or a world full of magical creatures lifts the limitations of our imaginations. Supernatural, science fiction and fantasy would be my choice.

How and when did your interest in books begin? How has your life-path led you to set up Jet Black Publishing?

I always liked drawing, and I always liked writing; so I figured I'd do well with making kids's picture books. I wanted to create my own stories but found that there weren't any publishers with the same values or flexibility. I thought it would be a good idea to start my own, then discovered being a publisher was just as much fun because I began working with brilliant authors and illustrators.

Tell us about you. What’s your background? 

I come from a not-so-rich background in the Philippines. My father died when I was barely a month old and my birth mother gave me away to my aunt so I could live a better life.
When I was very young, my aunt (now adopted mother) used to read to me bed time stories before I'd fall asleep. She had a thick book called '366 Bedtime Stories: A Story for Every Day of the Year' and would read one each night; two if I could persuade her. The stories took me on great adventures and left me dreaming of far away places. It formed the wild imagination I have today and is a source of inspiration and courage I use for day to day. With all my heart I can honestly say that they were the fondest memories I have as a child with a loving mother that only hoped for the best in me.
I'm now both a Graphic Designer and Publisher living in Australia; trying to return the favour to other children who could use the same encouragement I got.
Here’s your opportunity to plug some of Jet Black’s upcoming titles. 
Book launch ad Aunty Arty.jpg

Aunty Arty and the Disquieting Muses
Frieda’s Aunty Arty has a magical paintbrush and stickers that can transport them into famous works of art. A new series for junior readers ...

Book launch ad Bradley Banting.jpg

Bradley Banting: 5th Grade Man of Mystery – Socks for Supper
Bradley Banting is the youngest detective in the world (that he knows of), and lives for solving mysteries.

Book launch ad WWAPWM.jpg

Why Won't Anybody Play With Me?
Help your child get a head start at school by using Gavin’s story to discuss ways of making and being a good friend.

Thank you, Kim. If you have a children's book looking for a home, or are an illustrator seeking new and exciting projects, and think Jet Black Publishing might be the perfect home for you and your work, go here and follow the submission guidelines. Good luck! 


  1. Are there any specific genres they're most looking for, or not interested in? I didn't see any mention of genres on the website.

  2. No! I don't believe they are genre-led. It's more stories with a positive vibe that are top of the list.