Saturday, November 19, 2011

Writing Prompt

Today, instead of talking about myself or my own writing, I'd like to focus on YOU, our lovely followers! Below you'll find an image and lyrics from a song, which are meant to jumpstart your creativity and inspire you to write something short, like a poem or the beginning paragraph of a new story. You don't have to tie the image and the song together, nor do you really have to use these items for inspiration. All I care about is that you write something :-).

Leave your writings in the comments, but please keep them short so we don't overflow the comment section. Good luck and I can't wait to see what you all come up with!


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Take me back to those summer days when the sun shined down on your golden face and I won't forget the way you smiled at me. Just take me back to those summer days when we got so lost in that summer gaze and I never believed in love... ~ Summer Days by Breanne Duren


  1. I hope this isn't too long...

    “Hey, isn’t that the girl you were crushing on last summer?” Asher says, pointing out into the dining room from his post at the prep table.
    I look to see where he is pointing the knife and there she is. Audrey. The girl that got away. Only I didn’t care she got away until this very moment, but it hits me. Hard.
    “Whatever. That was a long time ago. Never really went anywhere,” I say, flipping a steak.
    “Too bad, she’s hot. Looks like she hooked up with someone else, so I guess it’s good you don’t care.”
    “Yep. Girls just get in the way.”
    “That’s what you always say,” Asher says with a laugh.
    I turn the radio up a little louder and try to ignore them, but my eyes keep going to their table. She’s all bundled up in a sweater and scarf, looking hot, but not showing the skin she did down at the river this summer when the golden sun kissed her auburn locks. The guy she’s with looks like a real geek with heavy dark glasses and one of those stupid blazers on. She’s laughing at something he says. He touches her hand and I have to look away again. I could have had her.
    My mind wanders back to this summer. Seems like a million years ago when the sun blazed hot and promising. The night we walked up the hill alone, kissed, talked about music and the future. She was so real, so damn scary in her availability. I ran. Like the stupid loser I am, I left her that night with a kiss and never went back. School started the next day and I never looked back. Until now.
    Just then, she looks up, meets my eye, holds it for what feels like forever, then she gets up, puts her jacket on, and walks out with geek boy. I try to will her too look back, just once, but she doesn’t.

  2. OMGosh - I love that!!! I'm so impressed. It's like a miniature short-short. :) Thank you, Shell Flower!

  3. That's awesome, Shell Flower! I'm really impressed, as well, and can't thank you enough for sharing! :-) The ending is particularly heart-wrenching, by the way.