Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Twaddle - Hijacked...again.

Yep, you've guessed it.  I've hijacked the Tuesday Twaddle this week for a few announcements. 

Firstly, did you see the gorgeous cover of Wendy Higgins's, Sweet Evil?  I mean... holy hotness. Check this baby out.

Kai has got the smolder down. NOM NOM.  Now that you've drooled over the smolder, go check out Wendy's blog for more info on this beauty.

And speaking of covers I got my Hardback Italian edition of Carrier of the Mark yesterday.  It's so pretty, it needs some blog time. So here it is.

Carrier of the Mark came out in first edition Trade Paperback in the US. I have to admit, I was happy with that decision.  As a debut, you expose yourself to a much larger audience by having your book come out in Trade Paper, as it's more affordable, people will take a chance on the unknown author. But (and you know how I love a good but) seeing Carrier in Hardback, and how gosh darn beautiful it is, makes me a little sad that you guys in the US won't get such prettiness. *sigh* I didn't expect to feel this way about a hardcover...it's hard to explain.  It's like a coming of age thing...a realization that your book is out there, forever, on shelves, in different languages, and it feels good.

Anyhow, enough of blubbering.  *wipes eyes*

Talk to you in two weeks for an actual Tuesday Twaddle.

All the best and talk soon.



  1. Whoops! How embarrassing...I didn't mean for anyone to see that! lol :)

    I was a little disappointed at first to be going straight to trade-paperback, but it's definitely a pride thing. Once I got over myself, I was glad for it. Like you said, more people will be willing to give us tries as new authors when they don't have to spend an arm and leg.

    Love you guys!!!

  2. Lol- licking the screen, Wendy? I hope you're not in an Internet cafe... *bleurgh*

    GORGEOUS on both counts, ladies. I love Sweet Evil's fab cover and Carrier in hardback- its so pretty!

    Now, I'm off to wipe the drool from the screen.

  3. I love your covers guys! Sweet Evil has a fantastic cover and so does Carrier of the Mark. And I actually like paper backs, they're not as heavy but the covers are easier to destroy, but then, you don't have to worry about a cover jacket falling off and something happening to it.

  4. I LOVE the covers. SWEET EVIL is so tempting, and CARRIER OF THE MARK Italian version is gorgeous. Congrats to you both, Wendy and Leigh!