Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dare to NaNoWriMo

Raise your hand, who's doing NaNoWriMo?

No, seriously, raise your hands. But... you know, virtually. In the comments - and don't forget to leave your username. Because YAtopians connecting on the NaNo site is a beautiful thing! And trying to write a novel in a month that's only 30 days long and has a major holiday weekend? Not crazy at all, promise.

I've participated in NaNoWriMo for three years, but not this year. Not because I don't want to, but because I'm moving and starting a new job and I'm really not a sleepless vampire like some people like to think.

I wanted to talk about NaNo not only because I want y'all to connect and become NaNo buddies and cheer each other on - but also because I'm kinda cranky about some things I've been seeing online written by some people: the NaNoNaySayers, if you will.

These people will say you shouldn't do NaNo because there's no way you can pump out 50k words of quality material in a month - so why bother? Or even worse, they'll look down their nose at you and say you should do it to "exercise your creative muscles" and then on December - throw that shit away and never look at it again! The worst part is they say these things with a "I'm better than you because I don't try to stretch my limits or do anything out of my comfort zone" kinda air.
So I'm going to give you some NaNoWriMo advice: Don't listen to any NaNoWriMo advice!
If you're intrigued by the idea of writing 50k words in 30 days (or 22 days! go ahead and start now, it's totally do-able), dare to do it!

If you like pumping out your first draft very quickly and editing later, dare to do it! 
If you've done NaNo before and loved it, but are having second thoughts because your favorite professional author/agent/editor has said the event is for untalented amateurs? Accept that they can be wrong every now and then and dare to do it! 
If you like the discipline of NaNo, but like to write slower, finely crafting every sentence as you go and maybe would like to set a different goal like "write for two hours every day in November," dare to do it! 
Bottom line: If you want to do something, do it. Simple as that. Don't let anyone tell you that you "shouldn't" or "can't" or that what you write is "crap." Don't you dare give up because some person with a keyboard who doesn't even know you has said not to.


  1. *Raises hand* I am participating in NaNoWriMo (again) this year.
    Not doing too terribly good wordcount-wise, but am having fun and using it to help me get past the problem of starting a writing project. =)

    NaNo Name: HauntedOrchid

  2. Me too, me too! *raises hand* Look at Erin Morgenstern who wrote The Night Circus, she did Nano and now she's a hot new author using an idea that was born out of Nanowrimo craziness. Just say no to the haters!

    I was so sick I couldn't write for the first four days and I'm almost already caught up. It can be done!

    Nano Name: CoquilleFleur

  3. I'm doing it, too. I'm a Nano newbie, and I'm loving it. One hidden bonus that I didn't expect: I really like that it gives me permission to add in a note like "go back later and find a better reason for why she's so upset by this." It's encouraging me to think of my story in layers, like the way you get dressed -- as in, it's important to wear underwear, but it's not like you're about to going running up and down the street wearing just that. You put your underwear on with the (appropriate) assumption that the people outside aren't going to see it because you plan to wear other clothes, too.

    Anyway, I'm hooked. Nano Name: Bedichek

  4. Me too! *raises hand* It's my first year, and I'm loving it.
    Username: GingerWrite

  5. *Raises Hand* This is my first year and I am loving it! My handle is Bonnie Rae

  6. *Raises hand* Me too! I just started today - but I'm going to do my best. I've been critically considering it for the last two weeks, but after reading this I decided to give it a shot. I'm under TDrecker.

  7. ::raising hands:: Me too and THANK YOU so much for your timely no-advice advice. I had heard such rumblings and it was getting me down. Nice to have cheerleaders. And I totally agree with Ann! Let's go NaNo!

    username: ShielaWrites

  8. I'm in NaNoWriMo!
    NaNoWriMo name: Ayer

    I have only 1166 words written, but I'm loving it so far!

  9. *Raises hand high* I'm a newbie. It's my first year, but so far I'm loving it. I'm halfway to 50,000. Having a goal gives me less time for distractions.

    Good luck to everyone :)

    Nano Name: Theresamariep

  10. *raises hand* I'm doing it, too! NaNo name is: hez. Cheers!

  11. So true. Great advice! Unfortunately, I honestly don't have the time to pump out 50,000 words in one month with school and all going on. I can't live without sleep! Hopefully I'll be able to participate in NaNoWriMo in the future. I've always wanted to do so!

  12. Wrimos, unite! Also my first year to NaNo and am both enjoying and hating it at the same time :)