Thursday, May 26, 2011

Which Reader Are You?

I thought I'd do a bit of a jokey blog post today! My last one was a little depressing, so I'm going to do a less serious one. It's a bit of fun and not meant to offend anyone and probably not very accurate :-)

Which Reader Are You?
Grab a pen and jot down your scores to find out which type of Reader you are!

1) How did you find your last book?
-It won a very prestigious prize (6 points)
-It's the next book out from your favourite author (5 points)
-You saw a film at the cinema and this was the book form (4 points)
-Everyone on Twitter was talking about it (3 points)
-You were sent it in the mail by a publisher (2 points)
-It was on special offer at your supermarket (1 point)

2) What was the selling point you gave to a friend on a book you recommended?
-By mentioning the praise it received from snooty critic (6 points)
-The author is the most amazing author that ever lived! (5 points)
-The film was a box office hit (4 points)
-The buzz online is fierce (3 points)
-One of the best books you have reviewed (2 points)
-It was only 2 dollars at the supermarket! (1 point)

3) How do people react when they ask what you're reading?
-With a blank look at the extra long title (6 points)
-"Oh, I've heard of that author." (5 points)
-"The one that's a TV show?" (4 points)
-"That one everyone is talking about?" (3 points)
-"Is that another book you were sent?" (2 points)
-"Oh, buy one get one free. Bargain!" (1 point)

4) Is there a pattern on your bookshelves?
-Yes. They're all prize winners and in their first printing (6 points)
-Of course. They're all by my favourite author of all time (5 points)
-They are all books within a popular series (4 points)
-They're mostly ARCs or buzzed books at conferences (3 points)
-They're from the same publishing houses (2 points)
-There's no pattern. In fact, there's hardly any books (1 point)

5) What kinds of comments does your last book get on Goodreads?
-There are barely any comments, but the few there are excellent reviews (6 points)
-Discussions from loyal author fans (5 points)
-Argument on whether the film or book was better (4 points)
-Comments from readers who are excited for the books release (3 points)
-Loads of other reviews from book bloggers (2 points)
-Whats Goodreads? (1 point)

Now add up your points!

26-30 Pretentious Reader
Your favourite books tend to be the ones that no one else has ever heard of. You refuse to read the books on the bestseller list and look down at the readers who are reading books that everyone has heard of. Instead, your book have won small prizes.

25-30 Mainstream Reader
Your favourite books tend to be from the famously heard of authors. Like Martina Cole or Sarah Dessen. You buy their books religiously and are not willing to take as much of a chance with a new author if something from your favourite mainstream author is available.

20-24 Film to Book Reader
The only books you have ever heard of were books turned into a film or a TV show. You don't visit book stores or read book blogs and you certainly don't follow authors on Twitter! If you like the film, you'll read the book.

15-19 Buzz Reader
The books hyped online and at conferences? You have to get your hands on it. You need to know what the fuss is about and you have to be one of the first to read them. You seek out ARCs and enter competitions with a chance of winning one of these buzzed books!

10-14 Review Reader
The books you read are the books you're asked to read. You have a preference in genre and age, but you will pretty much read anything you are sent within that range. You hardly have a chance to buy books to read because you are so swamped with books you've been asked to read! You read with a conscious mind of plot points and characterisation and have somewhat lost the idea of just enjoying the read for what it is.

5-9 Blurb/Opportunity Reader
You have no preference in books. In fact, you rarely ever buy one. But when you do go to a book store or supermarket, you only have to pick up a book, scan the blurb and if it sounds decent, you're sold. You don't follow authors online, or care about any prizes the book has won. You're not sure if it's a film, or who wrote it. It's a means to pass the time on your holiday or long commute.

So, what did you get? :-)


  1. Mainstream Reader... although my writers of choice are Charlie Higson and Anthony Horowitz ;)

  2. I got 14 points, and that ended up being fairly accurate. The next one up is also applicable. I read an awful lot and review pretty much everything.

  3. Buzz Reader - that's pretty correct!

  4. Wow, that was actually pretty accurate.
    I guess a bit of a buzz reader. :)

  5. I get 3/4 of mine from friends, from amazon recommendations, or sometimes just by wandering Barnes and Noble. I RARELY go buy something everyone's talking about unless they're still talking about it a couple years later.

    NO idea where I fall :D

  6. I just use the library... And I tend to just browse until I see something I like the look of. These days the only books I buy are those by writers I know...

  7. Yep - I forgot the library reader! Knew there was one I was missing!

  8. I'm a late buzz reader, haha. I usually wait until a "buzz" book has gone to paperback or I find it in the used book store. I'm also author loyal, so if my fave authors come out w/ a new one I'm all over it!
    Fun quiz, Chanelle. :)

  9. Wendy, I am totally author loyal too.