Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Very Tardy Tuesday Twaddle

Oh to hell with it, let's just call it the Thursday Twaddle.  I'm so sorry I've been semi-absent.  I've been working on the sequel to The Carrier of the Mark.  I've had my head so deep in edits; I've barely eaten, let alone take time out for blog posts.
Now, on top of all my editing woes, I've got BEA to contend with.  To the uninitiated, BEA is Book Expo America.  It's the biggest book conference in North America.  And little old yours truly is going.  Not only am I going, but my book THE CARRIER OF THE MARK has been picked as a buzz book and will be discussed at this year’s YA Buzz panel.  It's so gosh darn exciting, I hardly know what to do with myself.
So now I have to peel back all the layers of editing grime, take my hair out of its don't-even-look-at-me-I'm-writing-ponytail, and get myself to a day spa for some much needed highlights and a manipedi (what? I'm doing a book signing too... I so deserve it!).
The other beautiful thing about BEA is that you get loads of freebies!! Books, goodies, book swag.  They give it all away like there is no tomorrow.  So I'm going to stock on as much as I can get my grubby yet to be manicured hands on.  Then YATOPIA will have goodies for giveaways.  Hands up who loves giveaways???
So, again, sorry for the tardiness, but I do hope my goodies will make up for it.
Until next time my lovelies, have an AMAZING one... I know I will.


  1. LOL Freebies make EVERYTHING better... :)

  2. *Rubs hands with glee at thought of YAtopia giveaways*

    I'm imagining Marge from the Gummy Venus diMilo episode and you waddling out with a trenchcoat filled with stash.

    I can't wait to read it *pokes Chanelle and hope the ARC falls out*


  3. very cool about the buzzy book! I remember when I started writing, just finishing was the dream... :D

    best of luck, and freebies rule~ :o)

  4. *raises hand for freebie* "Me, me!" :)
    SO gosh darned excited for you, Leigh!!! I wish I could go! Maybe next year...

  5. First off, congrats that Carrier is going be a buzz book! That's so awesome.

    I'm so jealous... BEA sounds like so much fun. Maybe in a year or two, when I actually have money...

    And do they seriously give away free books? Free books makes everything worth it...

  6. SO jealous of your BEA!! Have a great time :) Good job on all the revisions too!