Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Let Loose!

May is here and it's an exciting, fun and hopeful month! I love May (and not just because it has my birthday in it). It just seems to be a month full of freshness and hope.

With that in mind, I'd like to talk about letting loose.

As writers, we can be a serious, obsessive bunch, always looking for the next big tip, the next big piece of information that's going to elevate us to super stardom.

However, I want to bring us back to the core of why we write. Because we love it. Creating worlds. Meetings new characters. Crafting a story that speaks to the hearts and souls of others.

But there's also something else - fun! That's right. Pure, unadulterated fun. Sometimes, I think we forget that in the melee to be published. So taking the time to write without the burden of having to publish can be so liberating! You can be goofy, silly, exciting, adventurous, unexpected, act stupid, be serious, be complicated...you can be everything and anything you want. And you can let the page capture it all!

So go on...grab that blank page and let loose!!!

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