Saturday, May 28, 2016

5 Reactions to Expect after Telling People You Write Books

It's always fun (or maybe not) when people ask what you do, and you reply with, "I write books." Because you never know which of these five reactions you'll get.

1. The Big Question

"What's your book about?"

And then, of course, you suddenly can't remember how to string together words. What's your plot? Who are your characters? Why didn't you work on your elevator pitch better??

2. The Tight-Lipped Smile of Judgement

"That's..." And there's a pause so brief, you're unsure whether it's real or in your head. "Nice. Are you published?" If you are, the judgement might stop, but if not, it could be better to do something like this:

And then walk away and let the haters hate. 

3. Unrealistic Expectations

"Cool, when it's published, I'll get a free, signed copy, right?"

Things don't quite work that way, but to avoid a boring explanation of the publishing industry, just smile and nod, smile and nod. And then later you can blame your publisher for not giving you a hundred free books to pass out to your close friends, family, and acquaintances. 

4. The Brush-off

"Oh, you write? Cute. I blah blah blah."

DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW MUCH WORK I PUT INTO THIS? It's not cute! I had to kill darlings and better my comma game and obsess over word choice. I'm a warrior. A WARRIOR.

5. Enthusiasm and Awe

"You are a god." 

Okay, so you probably won't hear that, but there are people out there who realize the hard work, dedication, and imagination it takes to write a book. Remember the feeling this reaction gives you when some of the less pleasant reactions inevitably happen. 


  1. "Oh, I've always wanted to write a book." BECAUSE ITS SUCH A FUN AND STRESS-REDUCING HOBBY.

    1. Yes! Haha This is definitely a reaction I get too. Thanks for adding it!

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