Friday, February 20, 2015

I SUSPECT there's an awesome book here if you ELECT to look inside

East Country upheld the laws. Mid destroyed them.

In the year 2185 Earth is rebuilding after climate change created a global eco-crisis. Countries maintain complete isolation so there is no warfare over scarce resources. One Elected family is chosen to lead each country for 100 years to ensure stability. Women aren’t allowed to take office and must reproduce at all costs. Technology use of any kind is banned to preserve what’s left of the environment.

And yet, I’m my country’s Elected. I’ve just sanctioned technology use to ready us for war. I’m about to cross the border to spy on our neighbor. And…I’m a girl. 


A note from Rori Shay
"A lot of you asked me to let you know when the next book in The Elected Series came out.  SUSPECTED, book 2, opened for pre-release this week on kickstarter.

It releases in all major vendors (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Smashwords, etc.) for real on Earth Day April 22, 2015.  The pre-release lasts just for a month and is fun because it allows the publisher to supply limited edition items, signed copies, ability for readers to get their names in the back of the book, stretch goals for free items, etc.  There are even tuckerizations available during the pre-sale, which won't be available at any other time.  A tuckerization is when the author writes you into the book as one of the characters.  Those are kind of expensive, but they're really cool!"
To check out the exciting pre-release on kickstarter, visit here!  

Book One
It’s the year 2185, and in two weeks, Aloy will turn eighteen and take her father’s place as president of the country. But to do so, she must masquerade as a boy to avoid violating the Eco-Accords, four treaties designed to bring the world back from the brink of environmental extinction. Aloy hopes to govern like her father, but she is inheriting a different country. The long concealed Technology Faction is stepping out of the shadows, and as turmoil grows within her country, cryptic threats also arrive from beyond their borders.

As she struggles to lead, Aloy maintains her cover by marrying a woman, meanwhile battling feelings for the boy who knows her secret—the boy who is somehow connected to her country’s recent upheaval. When assassination attempts add to the turmoil, Aloy doesn’t know whom to trust. She understood leadership required sacrifice. She just didn’t realize the sacrifice might be her life.

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