Monday, February 2, 2015

How to Tell If You're a Writer

Happy 2015!!!

An important part of resolution making and keeping them is being completely honest with yourself. Whether that comes in the form of keeping your resolutions attainable or by simply embracing who you are, its vital to success. 

In keeping with the theme of the latter, I've prepared some humorous truths for you to embrace with your mind and enjoy with your laughter.

You might be a writer if....

You wish there was a way to transcribe the conversations between characters you manage to perfect every time you are away from a writing utensil.

Watching dramatic television shows makes you either pine to write a similar super-twisty plot or very sure you could write a better one.

You’re idea of meeting a writing deadline includes caffeine and bags under your eyes.

You can’t decide whether your rough draft is the best thing since microwave pancakes or the stinky feces of the evil gnome king. (Sorry,, I just started writing my cruddy amazing MG rough draft. The characters are all over the place.)

You occasionally find inspiration in the weirdest places or at the most inconvenient times.

You never procrastinate, you just read and watch T.V. for research. A lot.

Waiting for a critique partner’s comments manifests a pointer finger or thumb twitch that opens your email inbox every 15 minutes.

You feel like a hypocrite when you give writerly friends advice about rejection and persistence.

You’ve pre-programed your brain with creative responses for those occasions when someone is talking to you and you were troubleshooting your latest draft's plot issues.

You know a numb butt and pangy wrists on any given day means something was accomplished the day before. Even if its just a lot of mental plot planning and backspace pushing.

 A stressful or unexpected life event happens and all you can think is "plot twist!"

A friend or significant other comes to your house for the first time and raises an eye brow at the strange groupings of text subjects, such as recipes, sources of natural venoms and poisons, and Grave Digging 101.

You occasionally slip into 3rd person narrative about your life.

 You forewarn new acquaintances that they may end up in a novel. Sometimes you ask permission; others, you secretly watch their every move and tuck it into the folds of your brain for later.

You know writing is hard work, that it drives you bonkers and leaves your home a mess. And you still love it!

Do you have any more fun ones to add? Please leave them in the comments so I can laugh too!


E.G. Moore

E. G. Moore is a poet, freelance writer, and storyteller. She is a long distance member of For Pete’s Sake Writers Group in Washington and is a Rocky Mountain Chapter SCBWI member. She loves writing stories that send her young readers on adventures they can't experience in real life. She’s excited to be the new blog assistant for YAtopia. When she’s not telling “Mommy Made stories” to her two daughters or nagging her husband to edit her latest manuscript, she can be found off-roading in her suped-up ATV, swimming, or in a long, plot-refreshing bubble bath. She tweets @egmoorewriter, posts on, and blogs at

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