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Coastal Magic Con Spotlight: CA Kunz

Coastal Magic Con is an awesome weekend celebrating paranormal romance and urban fantasy in Daytona in February! Today, I'm featuring one of the Con's guests, CA Kunz.

Carol and Adam Kunz make up the mom and son author duo, C.A. Kunz. They thoroughly enjoy writing about things that go bump in the night and action-packed dystopian romances while drinking massive amounts of English breakfast tea and Starbucks coffee. This author pair currently reside forty-five minutes away from each other in the sunny state of Florida.

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YAtopia: You attended Coastal Magic Con's first incarnation, Olde City New Blood last year. What brought you back?

Carol and Adam – Definitely the people. The authors, bloggers, and readers were all so much fun to chat with and meet. Even though it was the first year of the con, it didn’t seem to have too many hiccups (that we were aware of), and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

YAtopia: Do you have any weird writing habits?

Carol - I like to write in the evening, and I don’t like listening to music while writing because it distracts me. I don’t think that’s weird, or maybe it is?

Adam – I also find that I’m most productive at night when I write, but unlike my mom, I love to listen to music while writing. Another thing I do is put a TV show that I’ve seen a million times, but won’t necessarily pay attention to (Buffy, Angel, Charmed, etc.), on in the background while I work on a novel. What can I say? I love my Netflix, hahaha!  

YAtopia: Name three books you think everyone should read.

Carol – 1) The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
             2) Diary of Anne Frank
             3) Dracula

Adam – 1) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Well, the whole series to be honest)
             2) The Fault in Our Stars
             3) The Giver

YAtopia: Which one of your characters has the most of you in him/her?

Carol - Cat Colvin from the Childe Series.

Adam – I’m not sure there really is a character like me in any of our stories. I usually get inspiration for our characters through interactions with others. There are a ton of characters that I connect with, but I wouldn’t say that any of them have a lot of me in them.

YAtopia: If you could only give aspiring writers one piece of advice, what would it be?

Carol - Don’t wait until you’re my age to start writing. Oh, and when you do start, make sure you write your little butt off.

Adam – My advice would simply be this: if you have an idea that you’re passionate about, write it down. Oh, and never worry too much about your first draft, because almost every first draft kind of stinks. The important part is getting your ideas out of your head and onto paper.

YAtopia: What's next for you? What are you working on now?

Carol - Just finished my first standalone NA romantic comedy, Lucky Number Four, and now I’m going back to our third book in The Childe Series, Wicked Darlings.

Adam – I’m currently working on the second novel in my NA romantic suspense series Seasons of Deception entitled, Two Little Lies. Once I finish that, I plan to join in with Mom on writing Wicked Darlings.

YAtopia: Thanks for stopping by today! 

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Cat Colvin
Average teenager?
Or something else entirely?

Cat Colvin is pretty much your typical run-of-the-mill teenager. Sure, she's taller than most girls, has a mane of fiery red hair that's impossible to tame, is left-handed, and her eyes are two different colors, but that's where the differences end . . . unless you include the minor detail of her slow transformation into a Childe.

High school can definitely be challenging, and for Cat it's no different. This is especially true when she's faced with the daunting task of trying to hide her budding Childe traits as they begin to reveal themselves at the most inopportune times. To make matters worse, her family is oddly dead set against Ryan, the boy she grows to like. But everyone has their secrets: is Ryan really what he seems to be, and what is Cat's family not telling her?

The Childe is the first book in this coming-of-age fantasy series which follows Cat's life through the twists and turns toward finding out whom and what she really is. Come and take the plunge with Cat into a world filled with mystery, biting humor, and the paranormal.

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