Friday, May 24, 2013

Writer's Block: Get Over it!

In interviews with writers, I see a lot of questions about Writer's Block: Do you get it? What tips do you have for beating it?

When I was at the UCF Book Festival earlier this year, I sat listening to a panel of journalists. One of them said, "Journalists don't have writer's block. Ex-journalists have writer's block."

And I thought: YES!

You have to understand something first: I grew up with a very stereotypical military father. Sprained ankle? Walk it off. Stomach upset? Drink a Sprite and go to school. No excuses, no whining. It may seem harsh, but it was done with love and it's made me a very strong, independent person and I am immensely thankful for that.

This is how I approach writing. So, you say you have writer's block? Here's my honest advice, that I am also giving you out of love, with the intent of making you a stronger person, a stronger writer:

Get over it. Get over yourself.

Sit down in front of your computer/notebook and write. Write about your character eating a Big Mac for all I care. Just do it. Yeah, it may be crap at first. You'll need to get over that, too. And eventually, it won't be crap. Maybe it will even be good. With some revision, it could be great.

But it won't be anything if you don't start.

Are you a writer? Write. No excuses, no whining.

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  1. I wish I had a fairy that sat on my shoulder and punched me in the throat every time I say 'I should do some writing' and then don't write.