Monday, May 20, 2013

Inside the editing cave

I've been absent on social media for the last month, as some of my friends have noticed, but online activities went ahead minus me and most were none the wiser. And my inbox grew...a lot. It's like the emails were bunnies and bred.

During this time I was holed up with my laptop editing like a fiend. I had to take an early version of my manuscript and mash it together with a newer version and then weed out all the inconsistencies.

Two rounds of editing later and I'm back in the real world...for now. My manuscript is now  in the hands of my editor and will probably undergo a few more rounds of content edits before it under goes line edits. So I'm bound to disappear into the editing cave again soon enough.

So if you have a writer friend who goes MIA it's not that they don't love you or care anymore. They're probably in crazy editing mode and neglecting friends and family in person as well as online.

So: what makes you disappear offline? And how do you handle your editing?

1 comment:

  1. Editing does it to me, yup. But also family stuff. Right now its end of the school year concerts and projects and tests and award ceremonies and graduations. Sooooo much to do!