Saturday, October 6, 2012

Agentopia: Emily Gref

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Emily Gref is an associate agent and subsidiary rights manager at Lowenstein Associates. Prior to Lowenstein Associates, she worked in the children’s section of the Strand Bookstore (and later at Shakespeare & Co.), and interned at Serendipity Literary Agency, Donald Maass Literary Agency, Penguin Young Readers’ Online Marketing, Tor Books, and Arthur A. Levine Books – it’s fair to say she’s been bumping around publishing for a while.

Armed with a degree in Linguistics from McGill University, Emily moved to Brooklyn in 2008, where she still lives with two cats and more books than she has shelf space for. When she isn’t reading, she’s most likely watching TV with her roommates, planning to start cooking again/blogging again/running ever, or playing Dungeons & Dragons. (At the moment, a fighter/mage elf -- RIP Narah the Druid.)

Twitter: @skycornerless
Blog (somewhat dormant):


I’m primarily on the lookout for young adult and middle grade, though I’m always keeping an eye open for adult fiction and narrative nonfiction in the social sciences, history, and culture.

In fiction I am most drawn to fantasy and other speculative fiction – I have a weak spot for fairytale retellings, but they have to be especially unique. But I also love contemporary fiction with a strong voice that’s irresistible and all its own. My favorite books combine the world-building of sci-fi/fantasy with the in-depth characterization of contemporary. If you give me that and a story that explores diverse experiences – people, place, or time - I’m hooked. Turn tropes on their head, get deep into a character and a place, surprise me.

How to Query

Please send a one-page query letter, along with the first ten pages pasted in the body of the message, by email. We also accept paper queries at Lowenstein Associates, 121 W. 27th St. 501, New York, NY 10001. See our website for more details.

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