Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Teentopia: Kingsley & Milo

Teentopia is a monthly feature here on YAtopia where we ask real teens questions about what they like to read and how they choose the books they read. For more information and more Teentopia posts, click here.

This week, we're interviewing two students, Kingsley and Milo both between the age of 12-15.

Kingsley in blue.

Milo in red.

What are some of your favorite recently-read books?

In Cold Blood


Wolf Brother

How do you find out about and choose books that aren't assigned in school?

Go on book websites and read book reviews to see if it is good.

My parents give it to me if they said it's good.

On a related note, do you read reviews before you decide to read a book? Where?

Yes, I read reviews on book websites.


Do you read author's blogs/facebooks/twitters? If yes: before you read their book or after - and what kind of content do you like to see?



What kind of covers draw your attention?

Adventure and mystery.


Scary, horror ones.

Do you feel like YA books accurately represent teen culture? How so?

No, because they use a lot of stereotypes such as in Face, they show that youths steal, burn things and are uncontrollable. 


Is there anything (themes, character types, genres, time periods, etc) you'd like to see more of in YA books?



Anything you want to see less of?



How do you read books? (paper, e-reader, phone, audio, etc)

Books, phone (blackberry).

Paper books.

What do you think about all the YA books that have recently been made into movies?

They are good.

They are all quite similar.

What book have you read that you think deserves more attention?


Wolf Brother.

What novel are you most looking forward to in 2012?

Percy Jackson.

I'm not sure.

Do you use any book-specific sites to keep track of what you've read?


What's the most important element to you: characters, plot, writing style?



Have you ever seen a book trailer? If so, did it make you want to read the book? What do you think about them?



Thank you both for answering these questions! 

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