Friday, July 6, 2012

Agentopia: Jennifer Azantian


Jennifer Azantian assists Sandra Dijkstra and Elise Capron, and manages incoming submissions for SDLA. At the University of California, San Diego, she studied clinical and developmental child psychology, and graduated cum laude in 2010. After graduation, she spent a wonderful summer interning at the Dijkstra agency before joining full-time in the fall of 2011. Beyond university, Azantian is a published author of several short stories and brings to the agency her passion for literature born of a writer's heart. Her personal tastes run toward all flavors of the fantastic. She believes that it is against the backdrop of fantasy and science fiction that basic human truths can be best examined, magnified, and delighted in. She has just begun to acquire projects and welcomes all submissions that match her interests.

Twitter: @jenazantian


I’d love to see some YA science fiction with a kick-butt heroine. I’m also still interested in dystopians, but ones without plagues, viruses, atomic warfare, or zombies are preferred (haha, is there anything left?!). The best way to get my attention for a dystopian is to create a unique and bleak future-world where hope still blooms within the characters’ hearts. I’m also interested in fast-paced, high-concept stories that whisk me away to exotic locales. Additionally, I’m a fan of relatable characters who have interesting qualities that remain consistent, even as they grow and change throughout the story.

How To Query

Please send a query letter, a 1-page synopsis, a brief bio (including a description of your publishing history), and the first 10-15 pages of your manuscript to jen at dijkstraagency dot com. Please send all items in the body of the email, not as an attachment.


  1. YES! Fantasy and 'exotic locales'!! I hope an underwater world counts for that :) Just a few more weeks of polishing my MS, and I'mna enter the querying trenches.

  2. I hope the Caribbean is exotic enough. :-)