Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Years Resolutions

I know, I know. We all make them and then we give up after about a month.

But even though we all have the normal 'eat healthy, go to the gym more, quit smoking' type resolutions that look good on paper but actually, you don't have the time to go to the gym, or you really fancy that cupcake after a stressful day, and that cigarette is the only thing keeping you from quitting your job, so how about your writing/reading resolutions?

Let's make some of those!

For example, some of mine would be...

1) Stop using the word 'just'.
2) Try to write a romance with no paranormal twist.
3) Try to write that story I'm too scared to write.
4) Think of better chapter titles.
5) Read more contemporary titles.
6) Move from 75 books read to 85.
7) Buy a bigger bookshelf!!

So there's mine. What're yours?

And don't forget about the pitch to Entangled editors coming up on the 25th January!


  1. I have two WIPs at about 20k a piece. I want to finish them both in 2012. Which ought to be an easy goal (I hope).

    Mostly, I want to stop stressing over everyone else writing more than me, not meeting a daily word goal, etc. I want to get back to enjoying every bit of the process from beginning to end. I want to take my time with my first draft (I always feel like I'm doing something wrong if I don't breeze through it and worry about edits later!) because I hate revisions and I prefer doing it right the first time.

    And that's it. ;)

  2. 1. Finish WIPs (there are THREE!)
    2. Read more
    3. Drink less
    4. Believe in myself
    5. Get some exercise
    6. Outline

  3. These are great! I definitely overdo the word "just" too!! My goal is more broad--I like how specific yours are! I'm with you on the romance with no paranormal twist, as well as writing the story I'm scared to write. Excellent, and good luck!!!

  4. I love to see other people having vocabulary adjustment resolutions. Mine:

    1. Stop saying "I hate..." when I really mean "I don't care for..."
    2. Be less sporadic about promoting my books
    3. Finish my third novel (I also have 3 WIPs to choose from)
    4. Be militant about finding a publisher for my second novel
    5. Relax more (which may seem improbable with everything else I've listed above, but hey... we shall see)

  5. I'd like to finish my two wips and get more exercise. Also, I want to work on my time management skills.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Ooh exercise is a good one. I also want to improve my level of vocabulary. Memorise a thesaurus or something haha. Oh, and stop putting 'haha' at the end of every sentence so people know I'm not being serious.