Saturday, December 10, 2011

Change Write Now

Wait a second! *Looks around suspiciously* This doesn't look like Tuesday! Everybody's too happy for it to be a Tuesday. Where am I?

Oh yeah, Wendy and I traded days for this week! Because she asked me to help her out and I said 'yes.' Because that's what YAtopians do for each other.

You know what else YAtopians do for each other? Support each other in their New Year's Resolutions! (Ahh, yeah... I'm riding that segue like Paul Blart.)

Last week, fellow YA Rebel Corrine Jackson and I started talking about how we wanted to start living healthier lifestyles, about how this sedentary writer thing had made our waists a little bigger and our endurance a little lower. Writers - especially those of us with "real" jobs - tend to let our health slide in the rush to fit everything else in to our hectic lives. So we decided it was time. Time to ...

Change Write Now!

We came up with a game designed to help writers develop new good habits, while ditching some of the bad. It's not necessarily about losing weight, it's about developing a healthier lifestyle - with a little friendly competition and a lot of peer support thrown in.

It's about making your health a priority.

The game starts on January 1st and we will be competing alongside randomly assigned teammates through March 6th. Points are awarded for things like eating healthy, drinking enough water, getting a good night's sleep, checking in with your teammates, exercising, ditching bad habits and adopting new good habits. To sweeten the deal, we already have at least one editor on board, donating prizes for the winners!

With 60 people already signed up in the first three days, I guess we aren't the only ones who need a little push towards a healthier lifestyle. That's why I wanted to invite all of you to join us! You can find more information - and the sign up form - on Cory's blog here.

I'm working on building a website, but it's not *quite* ready for public viewing yet. Watch this space for updates - I'll post a link as soon as we launch it.

I hope you'll join us in our search for a healthier 2012!


  1. Does that mean y'all will be signing up? ;-)

  2. Lol - sorry, Sarah. :) I don't do well with stuff like this, but I get all excited when my friends do it. I came to some serious realizations about my health this summer/fall and had to make changes, especially in regards to getting more sleep (even if it means turning off the lovely computer EARLY). Feeling much better these days!

  3. That's awesome! I'll be signing up! I just hope I stick with it :)

    I've noticed that I've started gaining back the wait I lost earlier in the year.