Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dark YA Blogfest Signups!


Meet your hosts: Kelley York, Heather McCorkle, Christa Desir, and E.R. King.

We are so excited to be hosting this month-long blogfest in November for lovers of dark YA books. The rules are fairly simple. You only need to post on Wednesday of each week. We ask that you try to participate in each week’s activity, but you don’t have to if it doesn’t work for your schedule.


1. Put the I LOVE DARK YA badge on your sidebar or at the top of each of the posts you do for the fest. Make sure you link it back to the YAtopia linky sign-up.
2. Visit blogs of your hosts and other participants if you can. Interact. Make some friends. It’ll be more fun!
3. Your blog post needs to be up on Wednesday. You can post early if you want, but people will be hopping on Wednesdays.

The themes for this blogfest:

November 2nd:
Blog about your favorite dark YA book(s).

November 9th:
Write a 500-word or less flash fiction piece inspired by this picture—

November 16th:
Music and Movie Fun—Take a dark YA book and build a soundtrack for it or cast characters for a movie version.

November 23rd:
#YASAVES—Blog about how a dark YA book made an impact in your life.

November 30th:
Waiting on Wednesday—What dark YA book are you most looking forward to?

On the final day of the blogfest, your hosts will each being doing a giveaway on their blogs. Any of the I LOVE DARK YA blogfest participants may enter. Sign-ups will remain open for the entire month of October. Thanks for joining in the fun!

Note: If you'd like to help spread the word for the blogfest, please link to this post! The signup form won't be available anywhere else.

EDIT: Sorry, guys. The old linky list went screwy on me. I had to make a new one and manually move all the entries. Keep entering, we still have a few days to go!!


  1. Yay, I can hardly wait for November!

  2. Yay, I'm so excited! I LOVE dark YA. :)

  3. This looks/sounds AMAZING but I have some questions (and if you could email me the awnsers that would be great)

    1. What counts as a dark YA book?

    2. Do you have to host a giveaway or can you just do this as a fun wensday meme?

    please reply at
    becuse I really want to know so I can do this maybe though I might have move one day around or something since the book I plan on doing in november for my WOW isa book that comes out on the 15th would that work?

  4. Hey, Kate! I emailed you the answers to your questions, but thought I'd post it here as well for others who might be wondering:
    Hi there! Just wanted to send some answers your way.

    "1. What counts as a dark YA book?"
    However you'd like to interpret it, really. I did a fairly thorough post on what I consider dark YA here:
    Everyone will have their own interpretation of what classifies as dark, I'm sure!

    "2. Do you have to host a giveaway or can you just do this as a fun wensday meme?"
    You are absolutely NOT required to host any kind of giveaway. (You're welcome to, of course, but there is no obligation!) This blogfest is purely for fun. :)

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  6. I'm in. :) With YA Highway's Road Trip Wednesdays, the YA folks on the interwebz will be insanely hyperactive on Wednesdays in November...I'm looking forward to -causing- that. ;)

    I'll be posting weekly over at!

  7. I want to join but I kept being kicked off the sign up page.


    Check out my books!

  8. Sherry,

    Your link went through, no worries. :)

  9. This is going to be so great! Thanks for the idea and the weekly inspiration to make the month of November rock!

  10. Awesome idea! I love it. I won't be able to participate in the entire contest but I am putting your link on my site!

    Kitty Bullard / Great Minds Think Aloud Literary Community

  11. Thanks so much, Kitty! Glad to have you! :)

  12. Hey all! I am sad to say I have bitten off more than I can chew.

    I won't be able to participate. Wasn't sure how to de-link myself? It's Just Deb

    I am number 43.

    I will be following along though, keeping the badge in my side bar and spreading the love. Have a great November!

  13. Hey Deb! I've taken your link out. I'm sorry you won't be able to participate, but thanks for continuing to spread the love!

  14. What is the hashtag for Twitter? I used #DarkYABlogfest ?

  15. Coming in late to this (thanks, Ian Hiatt!) but I love the idea. Hope the late entry's ok!

  16. Just added my Flash Fiction piece! Sorry it was posted a few days late!


    Read it on my blog here!

  17. Conclusion at last...thanks for organising this. I learn more about me and others than I expected...