Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pitch contest with agent Mandy Hubbard

It's competition time! Rockin agent Mandy Hubbard has stopped by YAtopia for a pitch contest. Here's the rules:

  1. Post your two sentence pitch in the comments section of the blog along with:
    • Your name
    • Email
    • Title
    • Genre
    • Word count
    • Link to where you've shared the competition (any social media platform is fine).
  2. Your entry must be YA or MG.
  3. Entries close midnight 5 October.
  4. You must be a YAtopia blog follower.
There is no limit to how many entries you can put in (as long as they're for different MS).

The Prizes: ANYONE who manages to capture Mandy's interest will recieve a full MS request!
Find out more about Mandy as an agent visit her website: or by following her on Twitter @Mandyhubbard. You can also read an interview with Mandy on Down Under Wonderings.

Good Luck!


  1. Name: Kate Larkindale
    Email: katelarkindale(at)gmail(dot)com
    Title: Chasing the Taillights
    Genre: YA Contemporary
    Manuscript word count: 87 000

    Pitch: If Lucy doesn’t confess her secret about the accident that killed her parents, she might lose her mind. If she does, she may lose the only person left who loves her.

    I tweeted about the contest here:!/Vampyr14/status/119319100546760704

    And I'm a proud YAtopia blog follower!

  2. Name: Ramisa Raya
    Email: whyte.rhose[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot]au
    Title: Maybe I'll Fall With You
    Genre: YA contemporary/paranormal
    Word count: 55,000

    PITCH: After somebody commits suicide in Julie's life, she finds herself time-travelling one week back. There, she can fix regrets, mistakes and stop them from falling.

    YAtopia follower! :D

    I blogged about this here:

  3. Name: Ann Braden

    Genre: YA Suspense/Magical Realism
    Word Count: 65,000

    In St. Petersburg for the biggest cello competition of her life, consummate rule-follower Sally Hotchkiss is ready – until her host father is kidnapped. Now when she plays music from Russia’s past, she sees visions complete with clues to help rescue him, and when those clues lead to the upper echelons of the police department, following the rules is no longer an option.

    I spread the word at:!/EngagingHistory

    Thank you!

  4. Name: Rhonda Harvey

    Title: _The First Nine Lives of Isabella LaFelini_
    Genre: YA Fantasy/Contemporary
    Word Count: 58,000

    Pitch: Fourteen-year-old Isabella LaFelini has a few problems--she's the new girl in town; she is having a hard time adjusting to a small rural town in NC after living in NY; she has a crush on her best friend--oh, and yeah, that pesky periodically turning-into-a-cat thing. Together with her best friend Tyson, Isabella has to investigate and try to control the the family curse that threatens not only her way of life but that could get both her and Ty killed.

  5. Name: Roxanne Grandis
    Title: Lovely, Perilous Things
    Genre: YA Dystopian
    Manuscript word count: 88,000

    Pitch: One little island is all that's left in the world, but sometimes a girl has to take a leap of faith. And swim for her life.

    I tweeted at:!/iisrocky

    Thanks! I love YAtopia!

  6. Pitch: Seventeen-year-old Olivia Rosen doesn’t realize she’s dead, trapped in limbo and reliving the last day of her life and death over and over. She realizes her best friend in life should have been her boyfriend and the eccentric group of undead tormenting her are actually trying to help her reach heaven.
    Your name: Holly Raychelle Hughes
    Title: Life-like
    Genre:YA supernatural
    Word count: 33,000 (short but good)
    Link to where you've shared the competition: twitter

  7. Name: Heather Reid
    Title: Touched By Darkness
    Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
    Word Count: 60,000

    Pitch:17 year-old Quinn must learn to trust her heart before the demons posses her and lead her to her death. Her choices will decide her fate: Love or lies, faith or fear, darkness or destiny.

    I spread the word:!/groups/128381387245760/

    Thank you!

  8. Name: S. Kyle Davis
    Email: Kyle (at) skyledavis (dot) com
    Title: Blackbird
    Genre: YA Fantasy Thriller
    Word count: 90,000

    In this "Mission:Impossible with magic" tale, 16-year-old witch Taylor Keaton decides to take on the final mission of the elfin spy-school recruiters that died saving her life. With only the project name to go on and a few short months to find the truth, Taylor must first discover what a team of dark sorcerers are trying to steal and then retrieve it before they use it to gain even more power, further unbalancing the rift between themselves and the rest of the magical world--preferably before they kill her.

  9. Your name: Rona Go
    Title: Eviliscious
    Genre: YA/Paranormal Romance
    Word count: 80000

    When Michaela discovers she has an evil nature, she trains from being a supernumerary character to the prototype of a villain who may end up saving the day. Will she vanquish her evil self along with the other half of the earth who wants her dead or rule the world her eviliscious way?

    Shared this at

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  11. Name: Demetra Brodsky
    Title: Fatal Threads
    Genre: YA Paranormal Mythology
    Manuscript word count: 94,000

    Pitch: When You're own mother plans for you to be born as the reincarnation of Nyx—the goddess of night—deception and darkness follow you no matter where you go. The Secret Circle (TV Series meets Percy Jackson for girls)

    I tweeted and added this to both my personal facebook and the YA Sisterhood on Facebook. :

  12. pitch: 17 year old Amelia Holloway prepares for her debut in Victorian society while a vampire killer with aspirations prepares for her, whether she's willing or not.

    Name: Jen Corkill
    Email: jcorkill (at) sgcmd (dot) org
    title: season of Mists
    Genre: YA Victorian paranormal
    Word Count: 84k
    Link:!/Jen_Corkill and

    Excited blog follower!

  13. Name: Melodie Wright
    email: rewrighter (at) gmail
    title: Saving Andromeda
    Genre: YA mystery
    word count: 86K

    pitch: Eighteen year-old Emma hunts for the truth behind her birth mother’s murder confession. A famous bio-dad, simmering family feuds and a hostile crew of new relatives trip up her investigation, and the real killer waits for her to fall.

  14. Name: Sarah Belliston
    Email: sarahbelliston (at) gmail (dot) com
    Title: Conduit
    Genre: YA Fantasy
    Word Count: 91,000 words
    I posted on my personal Facebook account.

    Pitch: To save her mother’s life, 15-year-old Morgan must beat a theme park complete with enchanted castle, creepy forest, and smelly dungeon. But between keeping her brother in one piece, nightmares when she sleeps, and hearing voices while she’s awake, it might all be too much to ask.

  15. Name: Marquita Hockaday
    Title: The Blues
    Genre: YA Contemporary Mystery
    Word Count: 65K

    Pitch: Blake uncovers a secret high school drug scene when his pill pushing best friend turns up dead.

    Link: I tweeted here:!/KeeKeeHockaday/status/119438328398483456

    Thanks for the contest :D

  16. Name: Sandra Cormier
    Title: A Different Winter
    Genre: YA Contemporary
    Word Count: 51K

    Pitch: When sixteen-year-old Rebecca's busy father dumps his family in Mallorca in the fall of 1974, she must deal with her inebriated mother, an international school full of strangers, and to top it all, learn Spanish. When she sees Luke, she fights off her debilitating shyness to get his attention, and learns that she can't always get what she wants, but she might get what she needs.

    I retweeted the contest under my user name Chumplet.

  17. Name: Taryn
    Email: tarynalAThotmailDOTcom
    Title: PLAYING GOD
    Genre: YA spec-fic
    WC: 70K

    Pitch: In a future where religion has become illegal and even laughable, a teen discovers the secret by which writers seem to create portals to other worlds, and she must decide between doing what is right and chasing the only goal she's ever had.

  18. Name: Suzy Witten
    email: dreamwandbooks (at) yahoo (dot) com
    Title: "10/10ths"
    Genre: YA Action-Adventure
    Word Count: 75,000

    Pitch: A young girl's obsession with car racing and the racer father she never knew leads to an unexpected finish. This coming-of-age teen adventure is set against the exciting backdrop of the world famous "La Carrera Panamericana," the colorful 2,500-mile international vintage car rally race of Mexico.

  19. I don't have a MS ready, but I did spread the word at fb and twitter. Good luck to everyone - the pitches sound amazing!

  20. Name: Francesca Zappia
    Email: francesca (dot) zappia42 (at) yahoo (dot) com
    Genre: YA Science Fiction
    Word count: 90K

    Pitch: Amity Hager has spent her life hunting bloodthirsty pirate captain Damien Faust. But when the Government tells her she's the only person on Earth who can kill him, Amity discovers everything she knew about Faust is a lie--and she might just end up trying to save the life she swore to destroy.


  21. Name: Jenni Merritt
    Email: jennimerritt.writing (at) gmail (dot) com
    Title: Prison Nation
    Genre: YA Dystopian
    Word count: 84,000

    Pitch: Millie 942B believed in the Nation: in its strict laws, its harsh punishments, and its city-sized Prisons, one of which she had been born and raised inside. Now Millie has turned eighteen and has been Released, only to discover that the life and freedom she had always trusted wasn’t what she thought it would be.


    Thanks for the awesome pitch contest!!

  22. Name: Heather Smith
    Title: Griffin’s Song
    Genre: Young Adult Adventure
    Word count: 106,000

    Pitch: Fourteen-year-old Sarah Whitman has never wanted the life or marriage her parents have planned for her, wanting instead to be a sea captain in 18th century Hansa. When her parents are murdered, Sarah becomes a captive aboard the most dangerous pirate ship of the decade and must escape before her captain kills her when she becomes a woman on her sixteenth birthday.

  23. Name: Jennifer Petro-Roy
    Email: jpetroroy at gmail dot com
    Title: Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter
    Genre: Middle-Grade Fantasy
    Word Count: 65,000
    Pitch: Thirteen year old Felicity has never known her father's name, only that he lives in a world of secrets and sneaks out every night to do his job, tracking bits of straw back home with him every morning. But when she realizes that she is the missing princess, kidnapped at birth by a mysterious gnome-like creature, she sets out to discover her father's true identity and meet the mother she has never known.

  24. Name: Kelly Lyman
    Title: SEVEN TEARS
    Genre: YA Fantasy/Romance
    Word Count: 57,700

    Pitch: Seventeen-year-old Bree Anderson never believed in the Scottish myth of the Selkies--at least not until her tears fell into the ocean and a dead body appeared.

  25. Name: Hannah Bauman
    Email: bauman.h.m(at)gmail(dot)com
    Title: Higher Education
    Genre: YA Horror/Supernatural
    Word Count: 91,000
    Retweeted @h2theannah

    Pitch: Jamie Carradine isn't the only one seeking refuge at Bard College's beautiful, isolated campus. When people around her start dying, she's the only one that can put a stop to it...even at the expense of her soul.

    Most people want to survive midterms. Jamie just wants to survive, period.

  26. Name: Ryann Kerekes
    Title: Aerial Mystique
    Genre: YA Contemporary romance
    Word Count: 55,000
    Shared contest on Twitter:!/RyannReads

    Pitch: A failed ballerina joins the circus and falls for a knife-thrower with a troubled past.

  27. Name: Lyla Lee
    Title: NOCTURNE
    Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
    Word count: 97 K!/han_liz/status/119554213780013056

    Pitch: Seventeen-year-old Gabriel Durante has to team up with a fashionista and the Angel of Death in order to kill the demon he’s served for seven years. Since they have less than a month to do so and demons are immortal, the three must quickly learn to trust each other and work together to achieve their mission...or die trying.

  28. Name: Tricia Clasen
    Genre: Middle Grade
    Word Count: 47,000
    Retweeted: @trirae

    Pitch: Animals don't talk. So when they wake up Annie asking for help, she's 100% sure she's dreaming - that is, until they all start disappearing.

    Thanks so much!

  29. Name: Elanor Lawrence
    Email: elanor_gamgee at yahoo dot ca
    Title: Simulate
    Genre: YA dystopia
    Word Count: 95,000

    In the year 2500, it's sixteen year old Astrid's job to fight all of the New American Union's battles inside a mental simulation known as The Web. She's won every battle for the past four years, until a strange boy appears and kisses her... then kills her.

  30. Name - Kimberly Miller
    Email -
    Genre - middle grade science fiction
    Word count - 32,000 words
    Link to where you've shared the competition -!/KimberlyAnnNJ

    Two Sentence Pitch: While on vacation with her family and two best friends, thirteen-year-old Trinity Bishop discovers stranded aliens seeking diamonds. When they grab her friend, Nick, and demand an exchange of the human for the diamonds, Trinity must find a way to comply that doesn’t involve grand theft, jail time, or Nick’s abduction.

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  32. Name: Paige Pendleton
    Title: The Keeper and the Rune Stone
    Genre: MG/YA Magical Adventure
    Word Count: 47,000

    An unholy ritual, a ticking clock. Four children discover there are things that go bump in the night.

  33. Name: Paige Pendleton
    Title: The Keeper and the Alabaster Chalice, Book II of The Black Ledge Series

    Genre: MG/YA Magical Adventure
    Word Count: 48,000

    The secrets of the Red Paint People have haunted Maine for 7000 years. From the vast fjords of Norway to the shores of New England, ancient standing stones mark a trail of betrayal, greed, and murder.

  34. Michele Philhower
    Title: Sylph Song
    Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
    Word count: 90,000

    Two-sentence pitch: Zoe thought it was just a really cool role-playing video game, the perfect way to escape reality by becoming a sword-wielding badass instead of the geeky new girl at school, until her pixie guild-mate rides the ethernet cable into her bedroom. Now she’s on a quest with real-life stakes and if she doesn’t destroy the revolutionary new gaming system her dad invented before it takes control of gamers’ minds everywhere, it won’t just be humans that suffer.

  35. pitch:To reclaim his empire from a band of pesky heroes, self proclaimed villain Aisel Fei Shiang is going to need a little help from above. Fortunately, help - and wishes - is just what shooting star Pisces does best.

    Name: Alexis Wainwright
    Email: USSRGirl(at)hisnet(dot)org
    Title: When You Wish
    Genre: YA Fantasy
    Word count: 80k

    Link (Facebook):

  36. Name: Marquita Hockaday
    Title: In Limbo
    Genre: Historical YA
    Word Count: 70K

    Pitch: Nothing will stop two mismatched high school lovers as they go on a road trip to follow hope and desire in a year plagued by the Spanish Influenza and the end of World War I.

    Link: I tweeted here:!/KeeKeeHockaday/status/119438328398483456

    Thanks for the contest :D

  37. Your name: Melanie Stanford
    Title: Daze and Knights
    Genre: YA Time-Travel
    Word count: 84,000

    Pitch: Sixteen-year-old daydreamer Jessica Jacobs winds up in Crazy Medieval Land with no idea how she got there or how to get home. While working for a medieval diva and trying to fend off Lord Pervy, she falls for Lord Alric (AKA: knight-in-freaking-hot-armor) and together they must battle against mysterious traitors, power-hungry Dukes, and even Time— all trying to keep them apart.

  38. Name: Tara Dairman
    Email: wheatara(at)gmail(dot)com
    Title: Gladys Gatsby Takes the Cake
    Genre: Middle Grade
    Word count: 50,000

    Pitch: Gladys Gatsby has dreamed of becoming a restaurant critic for the New York Times--she just didn’t think it would happen when she was 11. Now she’ll have to defy her fast-food-loving parents, bake her way into the heart of her sixth-grade archenemy, and battle Manhattan’s meanest maitre d’ if she doesn’t want to miss her deadline and watch her dream go up in smoke.

    I shared the contest on Facebook:

    And I'm a YAtopia blog follower. Thanks for this opportunity!

  39. Title: Slobberknocker: Rise of the Teenage Freak
    By: Ryan Greenspan
    Genre: Upper Middle-Grade Action
    Words: 44,000

    After being humiliated by the jerks at school in front of the girl he likes, fourteen-year-old Levi decides he needs to bulk up -- and fast. But after taking some weird drink he ordered online that promised to do just that, Levi doesn't quite get the results he expected; he's fast becoming an overgrown mutant freak straight out of a comic book, and it leaves him with two options -- hide his new powers, or become a kick-ass superhero who stands up to those who pushed him and others like him around.

  40. Pitch: When Dani is sent to a group home, she’ll do anything to gain control over her life, but will she jeopardize her dreams of college and love? Told in alternating male/female points of view, this edgy young adult novel is about a seventeen-year-old girl trying to find her way in a world that seems determined to hold her back.

    Name: Kristin Lenz
    Title: On the Fringe
    Email: kristinbartleylenz at gmail dot com
    Genre: YA contemporary
    Word count: 55,000

    Shared on Facebook:

    Thank you!

  41. Good luck everyone! I'm SO SAD I can't enter! <3

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  43. Name: Kira Morgana
    Title: The Angel's Crown
    Email: authorDOTkiramorganaATgmailDOTcom
    Genre: YA Fantasy/SF
    Word Count: 78,500

    Pitch: Jenni’s world falls apart when her parents divorce. As one door closes another opens, and the death of Aderyn Archington opens more doors than Jenni ever knew existed…


  44. Name: Leiann Bynum
    Email: slbynum3(at)gmail(dot)com
    Title: Deeply Grim
    Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
    Word Count: 60,000

    Pitch: They say not even Death can get in the way of love. But this is exactly what happens when seventeen-year-old grim reaper, Xia, breaks the Rules of Reaping by falling for a human boy.

  45. I know Sarah! I'd love to be repped by Mandy, bit hopefully one of our followers will cach her eye and have the MS to back it up.

    Good luck everyone!

  46. Nicole Zoltack
    Elena's Pen
    MG fantasy

    When thirteen-year-old Elena's magical pen writes of its own accord about a mystical fantasy land being overrun by demons, she vows to save the land. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as writing a happy ending - whenever Elena uses the pen, someone turns into a demon, and she could be next.

  47. Your name: Tracy N. Jorgensen
    Email: tjorg86 (at) gmail (dot) com
    Genre: YA Fantasy
    Word count: 83,000

    A time-traveler ruins a classic love story when she saves the hero and he falls for her rather than his destined sweetheart. To really throw the fish in the fire, she lands him in a debtor’s work camp and attracts the attention of a witch who wants her time traveling secrets.

  48. Name: Jennifer Troemner
    Title: The Bones of Babylon
    Genre: YA Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy
    Wordcount: 78,000
    Link to the sharage:!/JWDreamkeeper

    Pitch: Fifteen years after the end of the world, sixteen-year-old Chicago just scored the perfect guy: he's handsome, suave, and treats her like a princess. Unfortunately, he's also bent on murdering everyone she knows.

  49. Name: Angela D’Eufemia (you might have to put it in google translate Italian to learn how to pronounce it xD)


    Title: I Know How You Feel
    Genre: YA Science Fiction
    Word Count: 64,000

    Pitch: My mid-life crisis came a bit early at fourteen. Yeah, it’s funny how becoming psychic and being conned into saving the world from crazy terrorists bent on destroying celebrities changes a person.

    Yay for following YAtopia! :D

  50. Name: Rebecca Christiansen

    Email: rachristiansen (at) live (dot) ca

    Title: FAKE
    Genre: YA contemporary
    Word Count: 63,000
    Link to my blog:

    Pitch: Jen Carter is child number six out of fifteen, an atheist in a rigid Baptist family -- and a gay boy in a girl's body. When her parents find out, everything from her family's love to her very safety is at stake.

  51. Thanks to YAtopia and Ms/ Hubbard!

    Name: Louisa Clarkson
    Email: lc7ultraviolet(at)gmail(dot)com
    Title: The Silver Strand
    Genre: MG Fantasy
    Word Count: 55,000

    Pitch: Mastermind Academy’s latest recruit, twelve year old Isabelle Tresdon has five days to save her magical, silver strand of hair before it drains her life. It’s too bad the two tricksters sent to help revive it have other plans.

  52. Thanks Ms. Hubbard and YAtopia for this awesome contest!

    Name: Stephanie Diaz
    Title: The Demon Sword
    Genre: YA Fantasy
    Word Count: 75,000
    Tweet Link:!/StephanieEDiaz/status/120029234709278720

    Pitch: Heiren Delaire really wishes she'd killed the captain before he sprouted claws and set the world on fire. Now she'll need a stronger sword.

  53. A. K. Fotinos-Hoyer
    YA Urban Fantasy
    I shared on FB:!/Kassel

    Shortly after seventeen year-old Selina Kane discovers she is the last living Necromancer, the Underworld attacks and she watches helplessly through the only spell she can conjure – a protective shield – as her soul-mate is dragged from her. There is one spell which could save his soul, but she’d have to kill him to use it.

  54. Riley Redgate
    I'M GAME
    YA Science Fiction
    68,000 words
    I am a follower, and I spread the word at

    In Dodge's world, extra arms and legs are just another pricey operation, just another advantage in a high-stakes competition called the Game. Unable to afford anything better, Dodge takes a chance on an unknown operation, but he finds himself gradually transforming into a monster - a beast with claws, bloodlust, and a hunger for raw flesh - and now, instead of fighting to win the Game, he must fight to keep his humanity.

  55. Lisa Basso
    YA Paranormal
    67,000 words

    When sixteen-year-old Rayna “Ray” Evans spots two angels—one with midnight black wings—shortly after her release from the Sunflower Sanitarium, she thinks she’s going crazy again, until she discovers her classmate dead from a supposed suicide. With all signs pointing to the angels, Ray must uncover the truth to save the rest of her school from the same fate, but protecting her friends—and enemies—means not only working with the angels but also trusting them; jeopardizing her heart and her sanity.

    I tweeted about the competition here:!/LisaMBasso/status/120194075738640384

    And I'm a follower.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  56. Name: Meagan Rivers
    e-mail: meagrivers(at)gmail(dot)com
    Title: The Cycle
    Genre: young adult - contemporary
    word count: 67,000 words

    Pitch: When Matthew Friedmann smiles, Bonnie Polk's friends and family see only teeth. Seventeen-year-old road cyclist Bonnie only sees the first guy she's ever loved.

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. Name: Hannah Bauman
    Email: bauman.h.m(at)gmail(dot)com
    Title: Raising Caine
    Genre: MG Contemporary
    Word Count: 50,000
    Tweeted and retweeted @h2theannah (I figured two submissions were worth 2 tweets)

    Sinclair Caine wears nothing but orange. Sarah Kingsbury just wants to know why. One small town isn't ready for the consequences.

  59. Name: Becky Lees
    Email: coloredbylove(at)hotmail(dot)com
    Title: Foreseer
    Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy
    Word Count: 55,000

    When her country's king is murdered, a young female Robin Hood is recruited as extra protection for the Princess as an undercover lady-in-waiting, only to discover she was really hired for abilities beyond her longbow.

  60. Name: NS Dorrington
    Email :
    Title : The Last Knight
    Genre : Contemporary Fantasy
    Word count :71,000
    Link to where you've shared the competition:!/NSDorrington

    Pitch: Seventeen-year-old Cara is willing to risk everything to regain her mother's sanity--her life, her world and her new-found destiny as the last Pendragon, heir to King Arthur -- but there are some people willing to risk everything to save Cara. Chivalry is certainly not dead.

    (received email from this follower, who was unable to post)

  61. Name: Tonja Drecker
    Title: Just Justice
    Genre: Middle Grade
    Word Count: 32,000

    Pitch: Misunderstood, ignored, and dead, Jenny Merter disguises herself as a genie and uses the internet to lure ten-year-old Tad Bradford into helping her carry out her vindictive plan against teachers, bullies, and older sisters.

  62. NAME: Jo Danilo
    TITLE: 11:42
    GENRE: YA Paranormal Romance
    WORD COUNT: 75,000 words
    I told my Facebook group about this competition here:!/groups/246266732069062/
    Noah thinks his night out is going badly, but at 11:42 p.m he meets Rachel, who is having the worst night of her life over and over again. When he agrees to try and help Rachel break out of her terrifying time-trap, he has no idea what he is letting himself in for.

    (another follower who could not submit comment)

  63. Your name: Michelle Flick
    Email: Mf060784 at gmail dot com
    Title: The Owens Legacy: Revelations
    Genre: YA Paranormal romance
    Word count: 100,030
    Link to where you've shared the competition (any social media platform is fine).

    Pitch: Piper, because of her knack for getting herself into trouble, causes her sister Ryder and her to attend the fourth new school in three years, where Piper genuinely vows she is going to try to stay out of mischief, especially since Ryder likes Evermore too. The telekinetic Owens twins find out truths about their family history, their loves, and themselves when factions at Evermore Academy battle over the revelations of an ancient prophecy, which deals with their special heritage.

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. Name: Courtney Koschel
    Email: cdk(dot)writes(at)gmail(dot)com

    Title: Blood Pact
    Genre: YA Fantasy
    Word Count: 67k

    Pitch: Best friends Faylinn and Luke are born to be sacrificed to the Unseelie queen on their eighteenth birthday in order to keep the peace between humans and fey.

    Links to where I've shared the competition:

    I tweeted it under @CourtneyKoschel!/CourtneyKoschel

    and shared the link with my Facebook group: YA Writers Unite

    I am a follower of YAtopia and have been for some time :)

    Thank you, YAtopia and Mandy for hosting this contest!

  66. Pitch: When fourteen-year-old Bobbi Flowers wishes on a falling star for a summer to remember, rescuing her kidnapped twin brother from Trogs and meeting a sixteen-year-old boy who claims he's over half a century old isn't what she has in mind.

    Lori L. Clark
    MG Fantasy
    63K words


  67. Name: Michelle Hauck
    Email: Michelle9Hauck(at)aol(dot)com
    Title: Kindar’s Cure
    Genre: YA fantasy
    Word Count: 115,000

    The gods sent a wasting disease called choke lung to mark eighteen-year-old Kindar as unfit to inherit the throne. She vows to fling that mistake in their faces.

    Shared at:!/FTLOW1
    A new follower.

  68. Pitch: As abilities to lure and hunt men begin to surface within Allura, continuing an age-old tradition within her Shoal of Sea Women, she finds herself strangely drawn to David, the new boy in town. While her body tells her that he’s nothing more than prey, her heart vehemently disagrees, leaving her forced to make a painful decision: obey her Shoal, or save David’s life.

    Name: Rachel Pudelek
    Title: DARK WATERS
    Genre: YA Paranormal
    Word Count: 74,000 words

    Links where I've shared competition:

    I am a follower of YAtopia too. :) Thanks!

  69. Name: Rain Laaman
    Title: Pansytale
    Genre: MG Fantasy
    Word count: 66,000

    Little Red Riding Hood has the most ridiculous name ever, and it's time to do something about it. She ignores her chicken's advice and runs away from home into a forest overcrowded with groundtrolls, chokeweed vines, and--what was that other problem? Oh, yeah, wolves.

    I am a devoted follower of YAtopia! And here's a link for you:

  70. Name: Anthony Elmore
    Title: Rapture Express
    Genre: MG Humor
    Word Count: 56,000

    Pitch: Against his God-fearing parents wished, Jack Macgregor expected to be rocking at the KISS concert, but instead he’s tired, stranded and being chased by the Phone Guy and the Black Van. But if God didn’t want him to see KISS, then who gave him the ‘miracle’ KISS ticket?

    Shared via Twitter:!/aelmore and

  71. Name: Yvette Gonya
    Title: Captured
    Genre: YA Adventure/Dystopian
    Word count: 83,000 words
    YAtopia follower!
    Shared on Twitter:!/yviegonya

    Lydia's been in government training for years and is finally assigned her first mission: to steal a weapon. When that weapon turns out to be Kevin, the son of her enemy and a genius like her, more lives than just her own end up at stake.

  72. Name: Derrick Camardo
    Email: derrick[at]derrickcamardo[dot]com
    Title: Mr. Snugglymuffin's Rampage
    Genre: MG Science Fiction
    Word Count: 43,000

    Pitch: When Suzy gets a hamster and a chemistry set for Christmas, she accidentally turns the rodent into a 250-foot monster. Now, she has to save Chicago from her pet before the National Guard starts firing.

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. Name: Julianna Helms
    Email: musicdkz(at)gmail(dot)com
    Title: Opposition
    Genre: YA Fantasy
    Word Count: 70K

    Pitch: The last place Atalanta Raire wants to visit is the Earth Plane, since Aeris--a continent invisible above China--has been her home for almost sixteen years. But then the Yang Light, part of the syzygy that makes up the balance of the Earth, is stolen, and suddenly the Plane's appeal vanishes faster than Ata's money... for the Plane is rapidly crumbling.

    I'm a follower! :)

  75. Name: Theresa Paolo
    Title: Prove Me Wrong
    Genre: YA Contemporary
    Word Count: 80,000
    And I'm a follower. Thanks for the awesome contest!

    Pitch: Luke is ready to bail on school before senior year even begins then the new girl with the perfect fitting skirt stops him in his tracks, but if he knew she was a seventeen year old mother he would have kept walking. As the connection between them deepens, Luke reveals all his shameful secrets while Hailey buries herself in compounding lies and when her secret finally comes out blindsiding Luke, he must decide if he'll be his father's son and walk away, or accept her and the little man she already loves.

  76. My two sentence pitch:

    Forget about the black-hooded cloak and wooden scythe, everything you've ever heard about Death is false.

    He's fallen for a mortal but can he save her existence before all hell befalls him?

    Name: Laura Stevens & Stephanie Lineback (mother/daughter)
    Email: funloving52(at)hotmail(dot)com
    Title: When Eden Falls
    Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
    Word count: 34,351
    Link to where you've shared the competition:!/threegnomes

    I am a YAtopia blog follower.

  77. Name: Danielle Jensen
    Email: daniellelynnjensen(at)gmail(dot)com
    Genre: YA Fantasy Romance
    Word Count: 91,000

    Cecile’s fortunes deteriorate when the trolls of Broken Mountain discover she meets all the criteria on their curse-breaker checklist; but when kidnapping and bonding her to their prince fails to secure the trolls’ freedom, Cecile must seek another way out of their labyrinth. More beautiful yet more terrifying than the stuff of legends, the trolls are not what she expected; and Cecile’s fight to escape turns into a quest to free the prince she has hopelessly and irrevocably fallen in love with, no matter what the consequences of that freedom might be...

    I am a YATOPIA blog follower and tweeted about the contest here!/dljensen_

  78. Name: Joy Givens
    Email: joy.eilene(at)gmail(dot)com
    Title: UGLY STICK
    Genre: YA Contemporary/Magical Realism
    Word Count: 50,000

    Pitch: Seventeen-year-old April Somerfield is a shy, self-loathing misfit who would blend in with the wallpaper, if only the wallpaper were a little less attractive. When she discovers the family curse that made her who she is, April must decide if becoming beautiful on the outside is worth giving up the truly beautiful person she would otherwise become.

    I shared this contest on my blog:

    on Twitter: @joyeilene

    and on Facebook! :)

  79. Ilima Todd
    YA fantasy romance
    54K words

    When Chief Mamo meets carefree commoner Kila, all he wants is to throw off his island's traditions to be with her. But his position and the safety of his island are being threatened by a wicked man, and if he pursues Kila, he will lose everything else.

  80. Name: Tasmin Bowerman
    Title: SPYDER
    Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
    Word count: 87,000

    Avery Gardener hears voices and she’s falling apart because of them. Terrified of hurting the people she cares about with her abilities and more terrified there’s something wrong with her, she has no choice but to trust a boy with his own strange abilities and more secrets than even she has.

    I linked here on twitter:!/lainasparetime/status/121265013645246464 and I'm a new follower.

  81. Name: Donea Lee Weaver
    Email: donealw(at)aol(dot)come
    Title: The Glass Prince
    Genre: YA Magical Realism
    Manuscript word count: 65,000

    Pitch: When 17-year-old Clara goes to New York to spend the summer with her estranged Grandmother, she touches a glass prince heirloom that cuts her finger, binding her to the family curse. She must work with Snow White's immortal son, and against her own Grandma, to break the curse or she risks dying on the day of her future child's first birthday, just like her dad did.

    Thanks, YAtopia. I'm a follower! Tweeted about the contest here:!/DoneaLee

  82. Name: Theresa Paolo
    Title: Uncharted Territory
    Genre: YA Contemporary
    Word Count: 80,000
    I'm a follower and linked at:

    Pitch: Ivy League is the only connection Anna Hayward has to her father after he is gunned down in the line of duty and she is determined to get accepted even if it means ditching her party loving best friend for homework and community service. Everything is going according to plan until Dean, a bitter homeless boy shows up at her local soup kitchen and forces her to realize that while there are many things you can plan, life is not one of them.

    Thanks again for the awesome contest and Good luck to everyone :)

  83. Name: Sarah Kay Steele
    Email: sarahkaysteele at gmail dot com
    Title: Jade
    Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy
    Word Count: 79K
    Shared on: Facebook!/sarahkay2003

    Em Perkins never wanted much more from her annual summer vacation than two parental-free weeks and a decent tan. Then an unexpected summer fling with the boy next door not only reveals he is from a different world, but reveals just how important Em is in saving her universe.

  84. Name: Crystal Schubert
    Email: Crystal (dot) Schubert (at) gmail (dot) com
    Title: AWAY FROM ME
    Genre: YA Contemporary
    Word count: 71,000
    Shared here:!/CrystalSchubert

    When Charlotte Guest’s asshole dad ditches her (and her mom)—probably to start a better family or lounge on the beach somewhere sunny—she figures scheming to make out with hot, punk rocker Logan would be a great distraction. She pushes away concerned family and friends, especially her best friend Aiden—who suddenly wants to be her therapist, not realizing that she’ll need to lean on them all when she discovers her dad’s disappearance is shrouded in more scandal than she knows.

    Thanks for the pitching opportunity!

  85. Your name: Sophia Chang
    Email: sophiathewriter at gmail
    Genre: YA Fantasy
    Word count: 51,000

    Ambrosia Wyne: half-nymph, all-nerd...destroy of Mount Olympus? It was a Really. Bad. Day.

  86. Sean Campbell
    Title: Nowhereville
    Genre: Ya Science Fiction
    49,000 words

    I shared this on my twitter account at

    Thanks for this opportunity! I'm a new follower of YAtopia, and its a very nice site.

    After his mother’s death, sixteen year old Seth Bradley chooses to leave behind his friends, his school, and his entire life within the rusted, broken down space station Ticonderoga. With his sister Jenna in tow, he sets out to join a father he barely knows in the orbital city of Grass Valley, a monument to human achievement floating three hundred miles above the Earth.

    He’s never seen the open sky before. Never seen a robot either, until he meets Anne, a strange, quiet shopgirl that no one ever seems too bothered to notice.

    When Grass Valley is caught in the crossfire of an all-out war between Earth and Mars, Seth, Jenna and Anne must work together to survive as they find themselves trapped in a world that is literally crumbling around them.

    A city with secrets all its own.

  87. My name: Rachel Desilets (R.A.Desilets)
    E-mail: rdesilets (at) gmail (dot) com
    Title: RUHE
    Genre: YA Contemporary
    Word Count: 50k
    Link: I blogged about it here -

    Pitch: After Sophie's vicious gossip ruins her friendships, she takes a vow of silence as she enters her freshman year of college. With her overly gregarious roommate dragging her back into the same social scene and a new love who hasn't quiet severed ties with his ex, Sophie needs to find the courage to use the voice that once destroyed her.

  88. I am on PST - I was unsure of what time zone the entries officially closed in (it's only 10:08PM Oct. 4th here now). I hope that you still accept my entry for consideration. Thank you - best of luck to everyone.

  89. NAME: Jo Danilo
    TITLE: The Curtain-Twitcher’s Handbook
    GENRE: YA Ghost Story
    WORD COUNT: 75,000 words
    This is my second entry here (thanks for helping with the last one when I had a cookie problem, Wendy Higgins!) so I am also telling everyone about this competition on my website:


    Curtain Twitching is an art, as 16-year-old Daisy learns when her crotchety old neighbour dies and is replaced by the McKenzie family.

    Within a week, Daisy’s life is turned upside down by the boy next door who claims that his house is trying to kill him... and the thing is, he could be right.

    Thanks again!

  90. Name: Linsey Miller
    Title: The Ash Plague
    Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
    Word Count: 75,000


    Adalmund Port will do anything to save her country—she’s gone to war, been an assassin, and sacrificed her arm for the princess. Now, her country needs her to work with a masked and misguided revolutionary in a neighboring country to stop a war, but at this point she’d rather take another arrow to the arm if it meant he’d stop talking.

  91. Name: Kelley Lynn
    Title: Sacrifice
    Genre: YA Dystopic Adventure
    Word Count: 96,000

    Blogged about it here:

    The lights on the other side of The River call to Ava, tease her of the life she was forced to run from after the King’s murder was placed on her head. But she’s adapted, joined a feared gang, kept her head low, even fell in love with a kid from the wrong side of town, all-in-all content to live with the hand she was dealt, until the life of a friend from the past is threatened to draw her out of hiding.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  92. Name: Kelley Lynn
    Title: All She Needs is Love
    Genre: YA Contemporary
    Word Count: 65,000

    Blogged about it here:

    Eight year old Gigi’s purpose is to beef up Emma’s college applications by adding those very important volunteer hours for a little girl who has no family aside from a deadbeat dad. What Emma doesn’t expect is for Gigi to wrap herself around her heart and when Gigi’s father kills himself in a drunk driving accident, Emma must decide whether to give up her dreams and take Gigi in or leave Gigi to the foster care system, which Emma herself is a product of.

    Thanks again!

  93. Pitch:
    Skye learns that the land of snow and crystal castles she's been dreaming of is real, part of a magical world called Iris.
    And she's a princess.
    Now she'll have to journey there to save it from a powerful and haunted King – who also happens to be her brother.

    Your name: Amie Salmon
    Title: The Children of Iris: Discovery
    Genre: YA Fantasy
    Word count: 80,000

    Tweeted about it here:!/AmieSalmon/status/121691952759582720

    Thanks for such an amazing opportunity!

  94. Name: Gillian Speace
    E-mail: Gillian (dot) Speace (at) gmail (dot) com
    Genre: Middle Grade
    Word Count: 30,000

    Ten-year-old Gideon, one of eight rambunctious siblings, describes the funny-yet-spooky events that unfold when a mysterious Ninth Child shows up, claiming to be part of the family. Gideon quickly realizes that the Ninth Child is determined to be included--even if that means taking someone's place.

    I spread the word on Google+ (under my personal name)!

  95. Name: Elaine Cho
    E-mail: itsallgoodxP (at) gmail (dot) com
    Title: FADE
    Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
    Word Count: 100,000

    In a world where magic corrupts the soul, Rinoa has never questioned her secluded life or the fear of Lethes that dictates society. When she turns into a Lethe herself, however, she is forced to decide her allegiances as she becomes the cornerstone to both her father’s campaign against magic and the resistance fighting him.

    I spread the word at my website blog: http:/

  96. Do we ever find out who received MS requests? Just wondering!

  97. I would also like to know if the results of this contest will be posted.

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