Thursday, October 5, 2017

Agentopia: Stephanie Hansen

Welcome to the September edition of Agentopia. This month we have Stephanie Hansen from Metamorphosis Literary Agency.

About Stephanie: 

Stephanie represents debut to New York Times bestselling authors. She’s signed authors with small presses to major publishing house distribution. She received her Master’s in 2008 and Creative Writing Specialization in 2017. Predominately she represents YA SF/F but has a secret addiction for romance. While these are her favorite, she handles everything fiction from children’s books to adult thrillers. Previously an editor for Mind’s Eye Literary Magazine, she became a part of Metamorphosis in July 2016. Originally looking to help Midwest authors garner the attention of major publishing houses, despite residing in “flyover states”, she found camaraderie with multiple agents and editors.

What is currently on your wish list?

Currently, romance with fantasy that reads like a movie screen and YA series with a fresh perspective.

What's a personal turn-off in a query which is guaranteed to get the author rejected?

Queries that only contain two sentences. Please include your genre (and sub-genre if applicable), word count, title, name and 2-3 paragraphs describing your story.

Do you google authors and if yes, what are you looking for?  

Yes, I Google authors because I want to see their online presence (while not necessary, it's very beneficial).

Follow Stephanie on Twitter @hansenwriter

Two authors Stephanie represents recently signed with publishing houses! These are:

Laura M. Snider signed WITCHES' QUARTERS with Clear Fork Publishing.

Paul McGowan signed DAWN OF THE REAPER with the Fire & Ice YA imprint.

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