Saturday, January 28, 2017

New Beginnings Come with a Price

New beginnings are exciting because there's full potential and no mistakes have been made yet. That's why everyone loves a new year, a new manuscript, new new new. But I'm going to be that person who stirs the magic Beginnings Brew and warns, "It comes with a price, my dear..."


But because I'm nice, I'll give you two choices for your price.

Price number one: All your new beginnings mixed with everything else on your plate will stretch you thin and leave you tired and overwhelmed.

Price number two: Some of your old darlings will die to make room for your new darlings. Circle of life.


You know what? I'm feeling extra nice today, so I'll even tell you which option is better because it's not super obvious, right? Better to say goodbye to some old darlings, darling. I know, I know. It's hard because you love those things or have an obligation to them. So if you don't want to let go, I understand. Price number one for you. Let me know how that works.

But for me? I choose price number two. I hardly worked on any fiction in 2016 because I had a new baby to enjoy. But in 2017, I'm getting back to writing fiction. I'm working on a first draft and totally revising a book I've queried and revised since 2011 (because with time and space from the manuscript, I finally know what's wrong with it!). But here's the thing...I don't magically have more time for writing in 2017. So this past week, I said goodbye to some things I've loved being a part of. I just had to ask myself what I want most in life, and what it'll take to get me there. The things I let go of are great, but don't help me go where I want to go. The goodbyes are bittersweet, but it'll be worth it to move forward and not be stretched too thin.

Ask yourself what you need to let go of. Because that's the price you have to pay for a new beginning. That's the price every successful writer has to pay. What will you let go of for your new beginning?

Jessie Mullins is wife to her middle/high school sweetheart and has embarrassing, love-struck diaries from back in the day she can use for YA fuel. Together, they have a son who just so happens to be the sweetest boy in the world. During naps times, Jessie blogs on YAtopia and her personal mommy blog, Her Arms Are Strong. She writes and adores YA. Her husband makes fun of her for liking stuff that's made for teenagers, and if he doesn't stop the teasing, she's going to write in her diary about it. 

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