Monday, November 28, 2016

Why Books are the Perfect Gift

Fireplaces crackle. Marshmallows melt in steaming cups of hot cocoa. Holiday music tickles our ears everywhere we go. Ahh. 'Tis the find the perfect gift for family, friends, coworkers, and your Scrooge neighbor whose heart needs a little melting.

If you're bad at shopping or just can't seem to think of the perfect gift for that one person, there's a gift that works for everyone. 


Yes, it's true! Even Cousin Billy who hasn't picked up a book since he was forced to in high school (and even then, he only used the book as a coaster while he looked up SparkNotes.) The trick is in finding the book match made in book heaven. 


If Cousin Billy hated reading in high school, it's a safe bet he's not a fan of the classics. So that narrows down your list. What does he like? If Cousin Billy dresses up in time period appropriate Renaissance garb and uses words like "hither" and "perchance" everytime the Ren Faire is in town, look up a non fiction book about the Renaissance. Or get him an action-packed fiction novel set in that time. Nerdome not his thing? Maybe Cousin Billy watches Master Chef religiously and then causes the smoke alarm to go off while he tries to recreate the recipes from memory. Help the guy out and buy his favorite Master Chef's cookbook. Is he super into origami? There are books for that. Whatever Cousin Billy's thing is, there's a book or there for said thing. 

And a book is perfect because:
A) Books keep giving. They can be enjoyed over and over.
B) This is a gift that says, "I notice what you love." So thoughtful.
C) Buying a book means you're supporting the arts. 
D) This gift works for your budget. Buy new or explore the dusty used bookstore down the street. 

So what do you say? Will you give the gift of books this Christmas? Are you going to receive some books? (Hey, today is Cyber Monday, so while you're shopping for Cousin Billy's perfect book, treat yourself to an e-book with Amazon Kindle's 85% off sale! Because you're awesome and thoughtful.)

Happy shopping and Happy Holidays! 


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  1. I always give the gift of books. I have no idea if the people on my list enjoy that or not, but I love picking out titles for them anyway.