Monday, June 20, 2016

Pitch Wars - donate to something great!

I've been involved with Pitch Wars since it first started, only missing one year as a mentor in the five years. And it's on again this year.

All the mentors donate their time. But unfortunately, the costs of running an event like this behind the scenes has grown along with the competition.

To help ease the costs, you can make a donation! Find out more about how to donate here.

Here's some reasons why I would encourage you to donate to this amazeballs competition:

  • Pitch Wars has a better success rate than querying.
  • Pitch Wars connects writers! Even if a writer doesn't get into Pitch Wars they find new people to connect with on social media, and many end up with new beta readers/CP partners. 
  • Pitch Wars helps writers grow! Being paired with a industry professional (author/editor) helps authors go to the next level with their work. 
  • Pitch Wars makes friendships happen: I have made amazing friends through Pitch Wars, and I don't think it's done connecting me to new friends yet. 
  • Pitch Wars makes mentors! If you look through the mentor list you will find authors who were once mentees, or where entrants who didn't get picked. The personal growth doesn't with being a mentee. 
  • If you are entering Pitch Wars, you will get additional mentors to submit to if you donate $20 or more. (Please note, PW is not a game of chance. Mentors choose their mentee on merit).

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