Thursday, April 28, 2016

Orange is the Color of Creativity

Our new family of three recently moved into a new apartment, and it just so happens that our son's room is pink. Pink carpet. Pink walls. Pink closet.

Can a boy have a pink room? Sure. Do I want to give my son this pink room? No. (But to be fair, I hate the shade and wouldn't want to give it to a girl either.) So I've been thinking about color schemes, digging into the effects of colors.

Did you know orange inspires creativity?

I wonder if we infused our writing spaces with splashes of orange, would it make a difference in our creativity? Internet research points to yes, and the internet can't be wrong. (Ha.)

So my gift to you is a bunch of orange images. Soak up the orange! Wiggle your toesies in the orange. And then sit your booty down and write the most creative words of your life!

You're welcome.  

So does your writing space have any orange? If not, what color is it and why? Comment below!

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