Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016 - Keep the passion burning

So it's time for my seasonal greeting to you all - Happy New Year YATopians!

Well, where to begin? Another year has rolled around and we're divided into three camps:

1) Those sparkling full of new promises and resolutions.
2) Those ruminating over last year and not quite feeling the buzz for the coming 12 months.
3) And those who couldn't care either way.

So what does this all mean for us lofty writers? Well, it means that we're all swimming in the same writing waters. We might be at different places than each other, but we can see each other over the white tips of the waves.

If nothing else, we should look at the new year not in a stressful way. We should look at it as a way to build upon what we have - whether that is craft skills, publishing goals, or simply to do what it is that we enjoy - writing.

I have one tip for anyone continuing their writing journey this year: PASSION.

For those sparkling with new promises - make sure you keep your passion alive no matter the day, week, month or year. Don't stress yourself. Make sure the passion is more important than the goal. Don't let your writing become a circle of fighting to meet goals to the detriment of your enjoyment of the written word.

For those ruminating on last year and feeling a little down in the dumps - think hard about why the negative events/thoughts/reactions are impacting so much on you doing what it is you love. Yes, you might have ambitions and dreams you haven't achieved, but that shouldn't take pride of place over the wonderful written word you are creating and growing into a magnificent story. Enjoy your art, love your words, and let the excitement of what you do wash over you.

For those who don't care either way - perhaps you are the luckiest of all. Perhaps you are continuing to float along in a blissful wave of happy writing and contented storytelling. And if you are, great. And if you're not, why not let your mind wander and find the story that grabs you and stirs up the muse and the excitement in your gut.

So, my fellow YATopians, let's imbue our writing world with all the passion that we have.

Happy 2016!

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