Monday, November 2, 2015

Introducing Moi!

Hello, YAtopia world! Happy NaNoWriMo!
First, I should introduce myself. My name is Sarah, and I’m a writer. (Shocked, anyone?)
When I first heard of the opportunity to become a blogger here, I was excited and immediately said, “Yes!” But then reality sank in. I’d have to write about something every month. Something interesting to both the faithful readers and myself.
Interesting? Every single month? Like this?

(At least no one is asking me to be interesting every single day.)
Obviously, the easiest topics to write about would be ones I obsess over. So I made a list of my obsessions:
Gilmore Girls 



While you might share some of those obsessions, none of those topics looked worthy of YAtopia. Then I realized I was overlooking the most obvious obsession of all. Maybe because it definitely feels more like a business decision than an obsession, but it’s going to be getting a lot of my attention over the next year:
Indie Publishing.
After five years of writing, I’ve decided to take the leap. I’m still seeking traditional publishing through my agent, but I have a project that’s all mine and perfect for indie publishing. So I’m reading articles and books, taking courses, and figuring out all the steps necessary. I hope you all will join the journey with me, from editing to choosing cover designs to uploading. And maybe that book you’re writing for NaNo will join mine next year.

This month, I’m looking for indie-published recommendations. What’s the best indie-published book you’ve read? How did you discover it, and what about the book makes you declare it “the best?”

Until next month . . .

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