Monday, July 20, 2015

You can't do it alone

It's called the writing community for a reason. Despite what it might appear like on the surface, writing isn't actual a solo gig. Sure, you have to do the writing on your own, but you need other people to help with:

  • Bouncing ideas off
  • Research
  • Beta reading/CPing
  • Editing
  • Prompting/Marketing/Sharing
  • Support in general.

When people tell you networking is worthwhile, they're not kidding. I've met some of the most awesome people through my writing. And they don't just help me with me writing. 

You see, I have OCD. I wrote about it on Aussie Owned & Read

This week was hard. This week kicked my arse all over the place. This week I had friends that I could turn to who understood and helped (you know who you are). 

We don't just help each other with writing. We help each other with life. 

There's someone else who needs your help. My friend Veronica is doing it tough with an insurance issue that is threatening her home, and the writing community has pulled together, with Brenda Drake at the helm, and have a charity auction underway to help raise funds for Veronica and her family. You can see the auctions here - but they close today so get in quick. 

If you miss the auctions then you can contribute to the Go Fund Me page. Every bit counts. 

Don't just be there for the words. Be there for your writer friends' lives. Because we are all like rivers, shiny on the surface with so much more going on underneath. 

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