Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Public Library and Teens

The Public Library...

It is that time of year where libraries all across the land are preparing for the summer. The summer for public libraries is a very very important time. It is time for summer reading.

Summer Reading is a wonderful thing. Summer Reading is an easy thing to do for Kids, Tweens, and Adults. It really is. They all enjoy coming to the library and participating. And the library doesn't have to offer crazy expensive prizes. The last library I worked at offered prizes, but not anything that would break the bank, we were in a very poor social economic area. And what we offered re-flexed that. My summer reading program was funded thanks to wonderful artist, writers, and creative types that were willing to donate to the program.

But I digress.

The though nut to crack when it comes to Summer Reading are the Teens. At least at all the libraries I have worked out, which is 3 in the past decade. And I refer to Teens being of the High School Age. It is a time in their lives where libraries might not seem all that cool. I had worked hard with local high schools at my last library to change that stereo-type.

But over all it is a mystery even I still haven't cracked.  

Though I see it if a library embraces the concept of summer reading and offers a program where reading is something to do for fun vs it being a chore or a grade they are hitting the mark.

I am always looking for ways to reach out and get them into the library to be a part of it to make it their own.

I try through pop culture. But pop culture can be a double edge sword because the tweens can get wrapped up in it as well and want to participate in something I am trying to offer to the older Teens. Pop culture is something I know and has really become a main stream thing.

I also see libraries trying to offer crafts for "Teens" but what they are really doing is offering crafts for Tweens and not Teens.

So I guess I am looking to start a dialogue with the Teens here or other people who work with Teens. What would it take for you to come to the library and be a part of it? What can a library do in the way of programming to make you interested in this building filled with books?

And I willing to hear every and any idea...

Some of things I have done in the past are Video Games Days with Teen Rated Games. I have shown YA Books turned Film. I have shown the big block busters when they came out on DVD. I have done writers groups. I have done anime clubs.

Also what do you think are the best ways to promote these sorts of activities and events in the library. What would draw your attention?

I am hear to listen and see what Interests You, the Teen.


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