Tuesday, January 20, 2015

#PitchMadness - You'll be sorry if you don't check out my team!

I'm one of the hosts for Pitch Madness again, thanks to the amazing Brenda Drake.

Don't know what Pitch Madness is? Quite simply put, it's a pitch contest where you have the opportunity to get your pitch in front of agents...lots of agents. And it has a theme each time. This year's theme is the game SORRY!

There's four teams, each team picks 15 entries from the hundreds and hundreds of entries submitted. That's 65 that end up on display. It can be any genre, as long as it's fiction and in either the Adult, NA, YA or MG categories.

Agents then make bids on the ones they are interested in seeing.

So here's my team for 2015:

Co-Host: Jeyn Roberts

Jeyn Roberts is an amazing author who writes super creepy books that keep you up at night. Follow her on Twitter!

Slush Reader: Meagan Rivers

Meagan Rivers is the reason I am addicted to Courtney Summers. She was part of my team last year, and I'm excited to have her back. Follow her on Twitter!

Slush Reader Lauren McKellar

Lauren McKellar is a fellow Aussie author who writes amazing contemporaries and is another return team member. Follow her on Twitter.

Keep an eye out on Down Under Wonderings as I will be interviewing these gorgeous gals so you know what they'll be looking for when we're building our Pitch Madness team. 


  1. Pitch Madness is a crazy good thing for authors to take advantage of. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Ooh, exciting! I forgot this was coming up!