Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Eugie Foster

 Sorry for missing last month. I was sick with that bronchial mess that is going around and I still have a bit of a cough almost a month later. Original I was going to write about how you never know when you are going to touch or effect another person. Though in a way I am still going to be doing this.

We lost one of the best of us, Eugie Foster. I am still in shock over this and cannot wrap my brain around her passing. I can’t imagine not sitting on another panel with her at a convention. I can’t imagine putting together another Writers for Relief anthology without one of her stories in it.

For those of you who knew her know what I am talking about. She was not only an incredible writer but person as well. Whenever I needed anything; she was there for me. When I didn’t believe in myself or didn’t think I could have pulled of the first Writers for Relief anthology; Eugie knew I could and would. When I asked for stories for it she was the first one to send me a story. It was just there in my in box minutes after I asked for it. She then helped get authors for the 2nd and 3rd volumes of the anthology. She was such a part of it. Again I can’t imagine doing another anthology without her.

If you have never read a story by her do yourself a favor and get your hands on one of them. There is a reason why she won a Nebula and had been nominated and won other literary awards. Like I said she was the best of us.

I knew Eugie for a decade. I can’t believe it has been a decade since I started down the path of writer. I can’t remember the first convention we met at, but whenever we were at a con together we had a great time. And the two of us together at a table to could sell books like no one had ever seen.
I have so many wonderful stories to tell about Eugie. I could fill a book with them. Not a very large book, but a book. I wish it was a larger book.

When I first found out she had cancer I couldn't believe it, but I knew if anyone could beat it... It was her. When I heard she was going to go through chemo. I told her I was going to shave my head in support. She wouldn't have it and I didn't. But I have since cut my hair donating it for wigs for cancer patients.

Honestly do yourself a favor and read a story by Eugie, get to know her through her words and stories. You will understand why she will be greatly missed and see the talented author we have loss. 

The world is a little less shiny with her passing. And I am a far, far better person for knowing her. I can only hope I can be half the person she was.

From her husband, Matthew Foster: 

Eugie Foster, author, editor, wife, died on September 27th of respiratory failure at Emory University in Atlanta.

In her forty-two years, Eugie lived three lifetimes. She won the Nebula award, the highest award for science fiction literature, and had over one hundred of her stories published. She was an editor for the Georgia General Assembly. She was the director of the Daily Dragon at Dragon Con, and was a regular speaker at genre conventions. She was a model, dancer, and psychologist. She also made my life worth living.

Memorial service will be announced soon.

We do not need flowers. In lieu of flowers, please buy her books and read them. Buy them for others to read until everyone on the planet knows how amazing she was.

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  1. I wish, in lieu of flowers or other ephemeral gifts, her many readers would look up her books on Amazon or other posting sites and post reviews. She put up a lot of Kindle singles in the early stages of the cancer fight, needing to raise funds. I'm sure Matthew could still use the money, plus he wants her books to be read. We writers know that reviews boost book sales.