Monday, July 21, 2014

DIY Blog Tours

Whether you are self publishing, an indie publisher, or a Big 5 publisher, when your book is released it's a really good idea to have a blog tour.

If you don't have a publicist (or sometimes even if you do), you will need to organise this yourself.

So here's some tips for DIY blog tours:

  1. Develop a media kit: You need to provide bloggers with some basic information including:
    • Author Bio
    • Author Pic
    • Author links (Twitter, FB, Goodreads, website/blog)
    • Book blurb
    • Cover pic
    • Book buy links...all of them (no-one will impulse buy if they don't know where to buy it from)
    • Competition link (Rafflecopter works well - and giveaways can be free copies of your book).
  2. Develop a post list:
    • Look for topics that support your storyline/author brand.
    • Leave room for interviews.
    • Make some quirky.
    • Make some for readers exclusively.
    • Make some for writers exclusively.
  3. Develop a calendar:
    • Don't start a blog tour unless your book is for sale or preorder.
    • Two-three weeks is a good length for blog tours. 
    • Include this online with a sign-up sheet so people can pick free dates.
  4. Ask your friends: 
    • Blogger friends (who you may blog with or know online)
    • Agency/publisher brothers and sisters (fellow authors can be so supportive).
    • Social media friends (put a call out on Twitter and Facebook)
  5. Research blogs & reach out:
    • Look for blogs that cover off on your category and genre.
    • Look for blogs that participate in cover reveals and blog tours. 
  6. Promote:
    • Promote the blog tour list prior and during blog tour. 
    • Promote each individual blog post in your tour. 
  7. Thank:
    • Put a thank you in the comments of each blog post in your tour.
    • Send a thank you email.
Hopefully that helps if you're getting ready for a book release or a book promo. If you have any other tips, please add them in the comments. 


  1. I wish I could have a blog tour, though I feel really awkward about outright asking people if I could have a guest or promo post, or if they'd help me with a blog tour. I'd be too afraid not enough people would express interest or have it in their schedule. I'm really amazed at how so many other writers seem to put blog tours together so effortlessly, with so many people willing to help.

    1. Planning it early really helps with the timing. The other option is to get a publicist to help as they have more blogger contacts.

  2. Awesome article! That "Thank You" emal is very important. Bloggers and book promoters remember that.

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