Saturday, May 24, 2014

How to Help Authors You Love!

Dear Authors,

This post isn't for you, not really. You probably already know all of this. It's really for your friends - the ones who would help you if they knew how but it's kinda awkward for you to outright tell them. So, instead, post this in a rather general sense on your Facebook/Twitter/Whatever and let me tell them :-)

Dear awesome readers,

We know that when you love a book, you'd buy a thousand copies and shout from the rooftops if you could. But you can't. So here are some small things you can do that help more than you could ever know.

1. Reviews

I cannot even begin to tell you how huge this is. If this was a list of 100 things you could do, reviews would be about 90 of my bullet points.

Find the book on Amazon and Goodreads (and B&N if you're motivated) and write a quick review. It doesn't have to be anything fanciful, but should be a little more detailed than "This is the best book ever!!" Tell potential readers why you loved it so that they'll want to read it too.

Also, like positive reviews written by other people.

2. Like

Here's the thing about Facebook: they want to make $. So they're now trying to charge authors to show their fans their posts. But the more likes and comments a post has, the more people (who, may I remind you, have already indicated they want to see this author's posts by liking their page) will see the post.

Go nuts. Like every post the author has. Comment, even if it's just to say ":)" or "yay!"

3. Share

Tell your followers/friends about a book you love! Post on twitter/facebook/instagram/tumblr/pinterest/Google+/wherever and provide a link to where they can get more info. RT/share/reblog/repin the author's posts.

Tweet your favorite lines from the book or share why you loved it. Post a picture of yourself reading the book - or your pet posing with it (everybody on the internet loves cats; it's a fact)

4. Like the author's Amazon page.

Nobody really knows how Amazon's complicated algorithms work, but there's some evidence to suggest the more likes an author has, the more Amazon will help the author promote their book.

Here's my alter ego's page, in case you'd like to practice. ;-) The like button is near the top right.

5. Goodreads Lists

Add the book you love to relevant Goodreads lists. This helps increase visibility of the book!

6. Library

If your local library has the book (print or ebook), check it out and encourage local friends to. This shows the library that people want to read this book.

If your local library does not have the book, request it! Most major library systems have a form you can fill out. Ask your librarian how to request the library purchase a copy.

7. Indie Bookstores

If your local indie bookstore doesn't have a copy of the book, ask them to order it!

8. Book Clubs

If you're in a book club, suggest the book you love! 

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  1. Great post to share! I was looking for a twitter button so I could share there, but didn't see one.
    Marlene at On Writing and Riding